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Guide to Getting Organised

With any luck, we’ll all have more to plan and keep track of this year. But even if we don’t, you can still organise your time effectively to do more of the things you love.

It’s tempting for us to use our phones to keep ourselves on target with helpful alarms and reminders popping up when we need them. But doing it the old-fashioned way with a diary and a pen is a great way to feel like you’re in control, rather than letting technology be in control of you.

So, sit back, and let us help you organise yourself in the most effective way for you.

Week-to-view Diaries

These diaries allow you to see your week at a glance, helping you to organise everything you need to do into manageable days. The layout prevents you from forgetting events or chores because you’re confronted with them each day which allows you to rearrange jobs if you see you’re going to be less busy on a certain day – helping you to balance work and leisure time with ease.

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Day-to-view Diaries

With one day to a page, these diaries are perfect for people who have a lot going on on any given day, offering plenty of space to write detailed notes, shopping lists, and more. This way, you can plot your spare time to the hour – ideal if you prefer to stick to a strict schedule. They can also be used to write small diary entries if you like to conceptualise your time that way.


Ideal for families and for short, quick notes so you can see what you’ve got coming up during the month, a calendar is one of the most common organisational tools out there. Calendars are often put on display in communal areas such as the kitchen, allowing the whole family to see what events or appointments are coming their way, and for them to add their notes too.

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If you prefer to plan your days with more freedom whilst adding personal touches like it’s a grown-up version of a childhood diary, blank journals are excellent at itching that creative side whilst keeping you organised. Time-keeping and tracking concepts such as Bullet Journaling and Omni Journaling have grown in popularity over recent years, allowing for more freedom and creativity as you plan your time. These are especially helpful for people who can’t find pre-made diaries with layouts that don’t suit their needs.


Perfect for displaying on desks or walls, making them ideal for professionals and students, planners are another easy way to see everything coming up in the week at a glance. Each planner, whether it's a traditional paper planner or a reusable whiteboard planner, has sections for each day and enough space for separate notes. Ideal for offices due to their open design, they're quick and easy to use, stopping you from flicking back and forth through paged diaries.


With so many layouts available in all types of diaries and journals, you’re sure to find a layout that works for you. There are diaries that include meal planners, shopping lists, morning and afternoon sections, and even diaries designed for students. Whichever you choose, you're sure to feel more productive and in control of your time with regular use of your planner.

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