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Furnishing your Home Office

Home offices can be a last thought when it comes to furnishing our homes. But seeing as we are more productive in a comfortable and pleasant environment, it makes sense to put some effort into our home workspace. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home office a working environment you want to be in, so here’s our guide to getting started.


The focal point of your office, you want to place your desk somewhere that will be comfortable and pleasant to sit in. This could be in front of a window or somewhere with a lot of space. This will help you determine what size desk you need. You’ll also want to consider what you’ll use your desk for. Do you need lots of surface space for paper? Do you want your computer keyboard to be hidden away on a separate drawer? Or would you rather this sit on the desk? Some desks are slimline in design, while others contain plenty of extra storage such as cupboards and drawers.

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Perfect for holding your favourite Sunday read or those chunky specialist textbooks, bookcases offer practical storage. You don’t have to spend time putting up shelving, and they can be easily moved around if you need to rearrange your space. Bookcases come in both full and half size options, and are really versatile storage options, with many having integrated cupboards and drawers.

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Sitting and working for hours on end doesn’t do our backs any good, which is one of the reasons why getting the right office chair is always worth the money. It should be cushioned and padded, with ergonomic back support to protect your spine. Most office chairs are height adjustable, so you can make sure it suits your desk too.


The right lighting will help you stay focused and reduce fatigue. Rather than harsh overhead lights, floor lamps can provide a bright but diffused light, preventing glare on your computer screen. If you do a lot of work on your desk, it’s a good idea to get a desk lamp, which will provide you with handy task lighting.

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