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Why is Paddle Boarding so Popular?

The popularity of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has soared over the last year. This fun way to keep active has become the newest staycation trend. If the sun is shining, you’re sure to spot a paddleboarder at most waterside locations. Many celebrities have been photographed giving this exciting water sport a try, and social media is full of envy-worthy photos of people paddle boarding. Here are a few reasons why we think this is now everyone's favourite water sport. 


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Easy to learn

Unlike other sports, such as surfing, paddle boarding can be quickly learnt. With some saying it only takes an hour to master the techniques, paddle boarding doesn't require years of practise to become a seasoned pro, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the water and less time learning how to.

Relaxing activity

Whether you’re in the sea, a river or a lake, paddle boarding is known for being a soothing and calming activity. The gentle sounds of the water lapping and the concentration needed to stay balanced can put you into a peaceful, meditative state. Excellent for those wanting to take some time away from their busy life to appreciate nature.

Allows you to explore

Perfect for those that love an outdoor adventure, paddle boarding allows you to explore rivers, lakes and seas. This adventurous activity is a great way to reach secluded coves and untouched river banks that would be otherwise unreachable. Simply pack up a lunch in a waterproof bag and treat yourself to a great day out. 

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With a boom in staycations and the need for social distancing, paddle boarding has become one of the main activities at waterside destinations. Many places have seen an increase in people hiring out paddleboards to holiday makers, allowing everyone to have a go at this enjoyable sport. There’s also a wide selection of affordable inflatable SUPs available, often coming with a handy backpack these paddleboards are easier to transport and great for those with a lack of storage space. 

Excellent exercise

Paddle boarding is a fun and exciting way to keep fit and active. It can be tailored to suit different fitness levels and ages, you can take it nice and slow or challenge yourself. Either way you’ll be getting a full body workout. Even kids can have a go, perfect for families that want to keep healthy whilst having fun.

Safety tips

Before you head out on the water, here are a few quick health and safety tips you should know. When planning your water adventure make sure you check the weather forecast and tide times because you want to avoid offshore winds. Ensure your equipment is in good condition and you have personal flotation equipment, such as a life jacket. Take your phone with you in a waterproof phone holder in case of emergencies, this can also be handy for taking beautiful paddle boarding photos.

Easy to learn, fun, and a great way to keep fit, paddle boarding is definitely an activity you're going to want to try. If you know you'll love this trendy water sport, check out our collection of paddle board sets and start your new adventure today.

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