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Spring Activities for the Whole Family

If you’re not sure what to do with the family this spring and don’t want them to be cooped up inside, then we have a few suggestions to help the season begin with a bang! These outdoor activities are perfect for both adults and kids and can even be learning opportunities for the whole family.

Day Trips

If you can’t get away for a whole week, or for a whole weekend, day trips are an excellent way to encourage children to get outdoors. Drive, take a bus, train, or coach to your next nearest city and spend the day exploring, shopping, and visiting local museums and other hot spots. If the weather is particularly pleasant, heading to your local beach is a fun spring activity that’s perfect for both kids and adults alike.


Part of the fun of a picnic is in the preparation that comes before – it’s the ideal activity for kids to get involved in and heightens the anticipation. Make and bake some of your favourite snacks, pack them in a basket, and off you go. Popular picnic spots include local parks, beaches, and even National Trust properties. If you can’t get out, then having a picnic in your own garden or living room can be just as fun. You can also elevate your picnic by taking outdoor games to play between bites!


Camping remains a popular activity in the spring and summer months – allowing you and your family to explore nature together and learn life skills whilst strengthening your relationships with each other without the interruptions of technology. The kids may moan at the idea, to begin with, but don’t worry, once they see the beauty of nature, the stars at night, and the great activities available, they’ll love it!


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Explore Local Trails

There are plenty of trails to explore right on your doorstep – even if you live in a bustling city! You’ll be surprised about what adventures are near you and what you can discover. Take a bike ride around these trails, or walk them, soaking in the sights and letting the kids collect twigs, leaves, and pebbles for them to craft with at home. Alternatively, try out a little bit of bird watching as you walk and see how many you can identify. You can find a trail near you on the National Trust website.


It seems that when the first day of spring arrives and we feel even the tiniest hint of sunshine on our skin, we all run for the nearest BBQ - but that's not a bad thing. It’s a fantastic way to see in the new season while shaking up dinnertime for the kids. Why not invite some friends and make it a garden party to remember?

Plant a Flower Garden

Now is a good time to start prepping your garden for the upcoming warmer seasons. Try getting your children involved in the gardening process by letting them plan and plant their very own garden. Let them choose their favourite flowers, help them get muddy as they dig, and watch their faces light up as they see their flowers come into bloom over the next few months. Planting a garden is a fun daytime activity where the rewards will keep coming year after year.

We hope this guide has given you ideas for all sorts of spring activities you can try. If you check out our outdoor living department, you might just find even more inspiration!

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