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Best Games to Play at the Beach

Hitting the beach to soak up the rays is all well and good, but sometimes you want to get active and have as much fun as possible. With that in mind, we here at The Range have some ideas for games you can play while at the beach.

Beach Game Ideas


Get two people to hold each end of a rope or anything else you can think of, and take turns with a group trying to make it under. Go lower and lower each time everyone has made an attempt and see who comes out on top!

Tug of War

Test your strength with others by having a game of tug of war. Use a rope or a series of towels, draw a line in the sand between two chosen teams, and have each side grab either end and pull until one team is forced over the line.

Seashell Hunts

Choose a beach with lots of shells and make the objective simple: find the most seashells. Gather them in a bucket and score everyone based on the number of seashells, the uniqueness of the shape, as well as the size.

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Maybe you fancy playing a bit of footie on the beach with some pals? Make the goal with anything that takes your fancy, such as towels or creative sandcastles and get the game underway.

Kite Flying

Many children adore running around with a kite. If the day is especially windy, this is the best time to give this activity a whirl. Try it out and see how high the kite can go!


If you have a group of people, consider having a few rounds of cricket. The concept is simple enough: the batter tries to hit the ball as far as they can while the bowler aims to knock down the wickets set up behind the batter. The other players will be fielders – tasked with either catching the ball mid-flight or stumping out the batter.

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A classic game that can be enjoyed with just two people if you like. Before you purchase your frisbee, ensure it’s buoyant enough to float on the water. Once you’ve found the perfect frisbee, get some people together at the beach and toss it to one another to pass the time.

Frisbee Golf

If passing your frisbee to others isn’t doing it for you, set yourself up some targets, such as towels, blankets and beach balls, and see who can toss the frisbee closest to the target. This is sure to get the competitive streak out of your friends or family.


For many, building sandcastles is the go-to activity at a beach, especially for children. Find a good area of sand away from the water and let your imaginations run wild, ultimately determining who's the most creative.


Grab some shovels and get to digging! It’s mindless fun that can keep you or your children busy for some time. The only thing to keep in mind is to fill the holes you dig when you’re finished to avoid injuring others later on from accidental falls.

We hope this has given you some ideas for what fun you can get up to at the beach. If not, there are plenty of other options out there! While you're here, why not take a look at our Beach department to stock up on some goodies ready for another sizzling summer.

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