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Best Foods for Beach Picnics

When the sun is scorching hot, taking a trip to the beach is a no-brainer, but what food should you bring? So long as you can avoid the odd seagull trying to pinch your grub, there are plenty of food options you can go with that are sure to make everyone happy.

What to Bring


Not only does it taste incredible, but fruit is also great at rehydrating you when the sun gets a little too much. With that in mind, get your fruit cooler bag ready and start packing.

Firstly, consider grabbing a few apples before you leave, since they can be incredibly juicy, they will make you feel much cooler in the heat. Something else you may want to do before leaving is freeze some grapes, some say this makes them taste even sweeter! Crisp and extremely juicy, a watermelon is a go-to fruit for many throughout summer, so we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to sink your teeth into one at the beach too.

Whatever fruit you ultimately go with, you can store some of them in a storage container so they don't get squished on your journey, followed by keeping them in a handy cooler. If you find yourself packing a ton of fruit, you could always whip up a delicious fruit salad!

Although they aren't as juicy, dried fruits make for a great beach snack too. Raisins, dried apricots - whatever dried fruits you like, they are great for your digestive system and taste excellent.

beach food container


From chicken salad to turkey with honey mustard, wraps offer an explosion of flavour jam-packed into one delicious beach-time snack. Choosing a wrap over a traditional sandwich is preferable if you want to avoid getting sand on your food as much as possible; the tortilla wrap acts as a sort of shield to protect your fillings.


If being a little risky doesn't bother you however, like wraps, you can get creative with sandwiches and choose the fillings that suit you. If you prefer, you can go with finger sandwiches so they can be eaten quicker. After you prepare your sandwiches, store them in convenient food bags before you leave.

Granola bars

High in fiber and protein, and not to mention good for your digestion and blood pressure, granola bars are a great source of energy for days spent at the beach. So long as you choose the right variety, granola bars are a healthy snack option with plenty of flavour options, so pack a few of these energy-boosting bars for your trip.


Nothing beats a packet of crisps for a quick snack, no matter what kind of day it is. Incredibly easy to take with you wherever you go, crisps are the type of snack the whole family can enjoy, and the array of flavours available is sure to make everyone satisfied.

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Hardboiled eggs

Hardboiled eggs are a quick and easy snack to enjoy whenever it pleases you. Peel them before your exciting trip so you don’t have a tedious task once you arrive, seal them in a container, and devour them when you're feeling a little peckish.


Cheese is another great choice, whatever your preference is, you can easily pack a few pieces straight from the fridge. Ideally, your cheese should be cut into slices so they aren't a hassle to eat and can easily be shared.

Ice lollies

Flavourful and fun, keep as many ice lollies as you like inside a cooler throughout the day to avoid them melting, only removing one when you're ready to eat. We recommend adding ice blocks to your cooler to keep your lollies colder for longer.

BBQs on the Beach

If the beach allows it, you may want to get your friends or family together and have a BBQ. Hot dogs, burgers and steaks taste especially good when you're with people whose company you enjoy, so ensure you have you utensils and accessories at the ready and get to cooking!

With your food prepped, spread everything on a blanket on the sand, including your cooler boxes and bags, bottles and flasks, plates and bowls, cups and glasses, and whatever else you want to bring, and you’re good to go.

If you need to get your hands on some accessories for any future picnics, feel free to browse our Picnicware department.

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