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Guide To Caring For Your Outdoor Spa

If you've got, or are looking to get, an Outdoor Spa or Steel-Framed Pool, our handy guide is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your beloved Outdoor Leisure accessory. No matter whether you're confused on how to maintain the correct pH level or are stuck on how to care with chlorine, you'll find everything you need to help you, your friends, and your guests soak in style.


Outdoor Spa Pool Care Guide

Measuring pH Levels

Ensuring you manage the pH levels in your Spa is an essential part of any caring or cleaning regime. Helping you to save money on chlorine and other desirable chemicals in the long run, ensuring the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6 is paramount. A pH of approximately 7.4 is optimal for chlorine disinfection and helps provide the optimum Spa experience. Cheaper to run when maintained at the correct pH level, items such as dip tests or measuring kits will help you keep an eye on your PH level.

Simply measure the water with the Dip Tests before opting to add either a PH increaser or decreaser solution where appropriate.

Chlorine Granules

Chlorine is designed to help you succesfully sanitize your Spa, but it's important to be aware that too much can not only damage your Spa or Pool, but your overall health too. With the ideal Chlorine level set between 3 and 5ppm, Dip Tests such are once again perfect for helping you guage the safeness and cleanliness of your Spa or Pool.

Simply measure the pH and Chlorine levels by dipping a test strip into the water for just a couple seconds (or long enough for it to get wet), then remove. Shake any excess water and compare the colorations to the back of the Dip Test Bottle. If the Chlorine Level is too high, above 5ppm, then it's best to leave the water to naturally decrease over time. On the other hand, if the Chlorine Level is too low, below 3ppm, then you will need to restore the balance by adding in the appropriate amount.

spa caring guide filters

Cleaning Your Filters

Filters are designed to help filter out dirt and grime from the water as you sit and soak or splash about. By catching dirt as the water is pumped through the system, filter cartridges are a key factor in helping to extend the lifespan of your Steel-Framed Pool or Outdoor Spa. 

You should consider either cleaning your filters at after each use, or at least every 3 days if not used as frequently. All you need to do is wash them off to clean away the dirt. Depending on the intensity of use, old filters should be changed every few weeks or less. The more often you use your Spa of Pool, the more often you should clean and replace the filters. If you notice that the filters have become hard or discoloured, we suggest changing them immediately - failure to do so could result in them becoming cloggged and restricting the water flow.

Top Tip - By ensuring that you shower and rinse off any natural oils, deodrants, and moisturisers before you dip into the Pool or Spa will help your filters last a little longer, as well as help to reduce the amount of Chemicals you end up adding to treat the water.

Wiping Down the Walls

After some Non-Chemical advice when it comes to caring for your Pool or Spa? Why not opt for a practical tools set like a cleaning ball or sponge. Designed to help you clean, protect, and care for an array of surfaces with ease, these durable and specially designed cleaning tools are perfect for wiping down sides, cleaning base layers, and even for use when collecting floating debris.

Take a look through our page of Pool & Spa Accessories to ensure you have everything you need to keep your spa clean, as well as some extra luxe add ons to up the entertainment level.

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