Guide To Buying an Outdoor Spa
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Guide To Buying an Outdoor Spa

Perfect for any outdoor living area, Spas are guaranteed to help you, your friends, and even your beloved guests soak in style. With an array of different-sized designs available here at The Range, our handy guide is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to choosing the right Outdoor Spa for your home.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Do I Have Enough Space At Home? - Making sure you've got plenty of space to accommodate a Spa is paramount. Measuring out your chosen area and cross-checking it with the dimensions of your chosen Spa will no doubt reduce the risk of disappointment when it comes to assembly. Remember - You'll need to ensure there is plenty of space too for easy access as you don't want to feel boxed in.

What's My Budget? - Here at The Range our Spas vary in price depending on their features and their size. If you know exactly what you want and how you want to use your Spa, this will no doubt help make budgeting easier.

How Do I Care For My Spa? - Each complete with their respective instructions, caring for your Spa needn't be an arduous task. Seeking some inspiration? Be sure to check out our handy Care Guide for more information.

Splashing Out On a Spa

Great for larger outdoor areas, Spas are perfect for those looking to relax and unwind with ease throughout the year. With most designs boasting impressive heating capabilities of up to 40°C and even space for up to 4 adults at any given time, these desirable outdoor accessories are perfect for garden parties (or just for impressing the neighbours). After something in particular? Here are our Top Recommendations when it comes to choosing an Outdoor Spa:

Otium Hydrojet

- Featuring powerful Hydrotherapy Jets that are designed to help improve circulation, this high-performance Spa is perfect for those looking for a stress-free experience. Boasting a spacious six-person capacity and a fibre-tech internal wall structure, this circular Spa is sure to complement any garden area or patio environment.

Grand Rapids V3 Spa

- Designed to complement an array of existing Outdoor Living sets, this stylish Spa is sure to turn heads. With 110 all-surrounding AirJet massagers, a fast inflation time of under 4 minutes, and a built-in control panel, this trendy circular Spa is sure to help you sit back and soak in style.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris Airjet

- Boasting a fully functional LED lighting system that's sure to impress, this desirable Spa is perfect for any outdoor area. Helping to soothe aching muscles via the 87 all-surrounding AirJet massagers, this easy-to-setup Lay-Z-Spa is sure to help bring a splash of style to any garden party.

Lay-Z-Spa Maldives HydroJet Pro

- Showcasing Aqua-Glow LED lighting, built-in seats, 140 AirJet massagers, and even a relaxing foot massage system, this square-shaped Maldives Spa is designed with comfort in mind. With a pool cover included, this TriTech Spa is perfect for any home environment.

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When it comes to accessorising your Outdoor Spa, there are plenty of options out there to help you add your personalised touch. With seat padding to help you and your guests soak in comfort, a protective mat to provide insulation and padding to the bottom of your spa, or a more accommodating inflatable surround to place around the exterior to help make stepping in and out a little easier, here at The Range we've got just the accessory to suit.

Coverings such as Lay-Z-Spa Canopy are perfect too for helping shade you from the weather. Both easy-to-install and suitable for use with all Bestway Lay-Z-Spas, this fully ventilated canopy is a definite must-have if you're planning on installing your Spa somewhere in direct sunlight.

Things To Remember

Temperature Loss Can Come From an Insecure Lid - With most, if not all, of the previously mentioned spas coming complete with a durable lid, it's important to remember to make use of it! The most common reason for temperature loss can come from an ill-fitting, un-inflated, or damaged lid. As the heat rises, rips or gaps are the perfect places for heat to escape from so make sure your lid is fastened securely, airtight, or not damaged before each and every use.

Remember To Clean The Filters - You should always rinse your filters after each use, or weekly depending on the frequency, use of your Spa. Doing so will help make your pump more efficient and can, in turn, prevent the build-up of debris and the risk of increased energy bills sure to result in high power usage.

Managing Your PH Levels - Ensuring your Spa is at the correct pH level before treating the water can help save you money when it comes to buying chlorine and other desirable chemicals. The optimum pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6 to ensure that any added chlorine can disinfect effectively. Desirables such as the ClearWater Dip Test Strips, ClearWater Multifunction Tablets 1kg, or the ClearWater Ph Increaser 1kg are perfect for Spa owners.

We hope this guide has given you some ideas as to what kind of spa is perfect for you! Make sure to take a look through our collection of inflatable spas and their accessories. Looking for something a little more luxurious? Read our guide on hot tubs and swim spas.

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