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Cycling Essential Accessories

Essential Cycling Accessories

With the wind blowing through your hair and the general feel of freedom, there’s no wonder so many people love cycling. Whether you’re out on a fun family adventure or making your daily commute, there are a few essential accessories that you need to keep you and your bicycle safe on your journey.


Safety is the number one priority when cycling. Ensure you’re wearing a reliable helmet that conforms to current regulations and will provide adequate protection in the event of an accident. It’s recommended that you replace your helmet every two-three years or after an accident where it has been knocked or dented.

Lights are a legal requirement for all bicycles between sunset and sunrise to ensure you’re properly visible on the road during these low-light hours. Similar to cars, you should have a white light on the front of your bicycle and a red light on the back – this will help other road users determine which way you’re travelling. In addition to your lights, you're also required to have reflectors on your bike - a red one at the rear, a white one at the front, and an amber one on both sides of your pedals.

Be heard as well as seen by installing a bell onto your bicycle. You can use this to alert pedestrians of your presence.

Think about the safety of your bike as well as yourself. Invest in a strong and durable lock to secure it in place at a stand, rack, or rail when you reach your destination.


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An endless stream of gadgets have been designed to make this environmentally-friendly method of transport more convenient. Holders for your drinks bottle can be easily installed on your frame to ensure you stay hydrated, while supports for your phone or GPS can be mounted to your handlebars to keep you on track.

Add extra storage to your pedal-powered pushbike by strapping cycle bags to the seat and frame or invest in a pannier rack for toting more luggage. When positioning and affixing them to your bike, ensure that they don't obscure your lights as this would be illegal after sunset or before sunrise.

You can also improve the comfort of your ride by cushioning your seat with a cover and donning cyclewear such as fingerless gloves.


Like any other mode of transport – from horses to monster trucks - you need to make sure your two-wheeled vehicle is in top form before riding it. A basic bicycle maintenance kit should include:

Keeping your bicycle clean and the chain properly oiled will help in ensuring it runs smoothly on your rides. Hot, soapy water and a sponge should be enough for getting a good shine on most of your frame, but special cleaning tools may be required to get into small grooves and other hard-to-reach areas.

If your cycle route is a fair distance away and you need to transport your bike, or bikes, on your car then you’ll need to invest in a carrier that attaches to your boot or roof racks. Ensure you read the manual and secure each bicycle properly before setting off.

Take a look at our full collection of cycling accessories to improve your experience both on and off the road.

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