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Top 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Living Space for Less Than £50

If you’re starting to get bored or your old décor and want to make a change, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to do so. We’ve compiled a list of cheap and stylish ways you can turn your living space into something truly special.


Repainting is a great way to give your room an affordable makeover. Choosing to paint your walls a completely new colour will dramatically change the feel of the room, which can in turn change how you feel in that room. Blues and greens typically evoke feelings of calm whereas yellows, pinks and white shades conjure feelings of happiness. Have a think about what you want the vibe of your room to be before choosing the colour so you can do some research. If you don’t want a new colour, just giving your walls fresh paint of coat can revive your room by giving it a cleaner look.

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You don’t need a £1000 rug to make a statement in your home. There are plenty of budget-friendly rugs out there that can beautifully revamp your home. Whether you want to make a statement piece or just want to easily change your flooring, a well-chosen rug will add texture and personality to your home. As a general rule, if you've got a larger space and a large rug, you should make sure the rug goes underneath the furniture so the front legs of your sofas and chairs are on it in order to tie the room together. If you've got a smaller rug, place it underneath your coffee table so all four legs are on it.

Organise and Tidy

It may sound simple but making sure your home is looking neat and organised can really transform a room. Spend some time decluttering your room, simply throw away any items that are unused or unwanted. Get some budget-friendly storage boxes to tidy away any unsightly things and make room for decorative accessories, like plants, ornaments and candles, that will bring style to your room. It doesn’t have to be spring to have a spring-clean, tackle all the cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off to really make your room sparkle. When your room has been cleaned and organised, having a reshuffle of your furniture is a free way to upgrade your space. Try out a few different layouts and see which one works and looks best to you.

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Soft Furnishings

If you’ve got an old sofa or chair you want to re-style, throws, blankets and cushions are a quick, easy and affordable way to bring some life back to it. Ideal not just for style but comfort too, blankets and cushions will create a cosy feel to your living space. Choosing soft furnishings with bold prints, colours and patterns is a great way to liven up your room.

Gallery Wall

If you don’t fancy painting your walls, using artwork, photos and mirrors is another way you can update your style for less. Gallery walls are a popular way to inject some life into your room. You don’t need to have expensive artwork to create a gallery wall, you can use a combination of family photos, posters, and cheap and cheerful art pieces to create something truly special. You can mix and match different frame colours or keep them all in one style for a more cohesive look. Once you’ve got all your prints and frames, lay them out on the floor to see how you want them organised on the walls. Once you’re happy with the layout, simply hang them up. If you’re renting you can use command strips to hang them up, so you don’t need to worry about leaving marks on the walls.

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