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Home Pampering Session Ideas

Indulging in a pamper session in the comfort of your own home gives you the time to decompress and unwind. After a tough week, a little bit of self-care can be just what the doctor ordered. Here are some relaxing ideas for the perfect at home pamper evening to refresh your mind and body.


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Start your pamper session by having a relaxing bath or shower. If you can soak in the tub, add your favourite bath soak or bath salts to relieve tension and sore muscles. If having a shower, try adding an aromatherapy element to it by either putting a few drops of essential oils on your shower floor or placing an oil diffuser in the bathroom to create a wonderful calming environment. Use an exfoliating mitt, a body scrub and apply a hair mask to leave your skin and hair feeling soft and refreshed. Once you're dried off, cover yourself in the best body butter or oil you have to lock in all the moisture and leave your skin feeling smoother than ever.

Create the perfect spa ambience by invoking as many senses as you can. For touch, dress in your comfiest loungewear, robe and slippers—light a few scented candles to create a soothing atmosphere and lovely aroma. Treat yourself to a favourite beverage, whether you're opening a bottle of bubbly or making a soothing herbal tea. Finish off by putting on some relaxing music; you may be able to find a pre-made pamper playlist on your chosen music streaming app.

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After spending all day on your feet, it is essential to look after them. If you're lucky enough to have an at-home foot spa or foot massager, then be sure to utilise that now. You can use a foot mask designed to moisturise your feet and soften the skin if you don't. Whilst treating your feet, you can simultaneously treat your face. Apply a hot flannel over your face to open your pores, soften your skin and allow treatments to penetrate better. Next, apply a rejuvenating face mask or sheet mask. Then sit back and relax whilst the masks do the work.

Once you've removed your masks, gently massage in any excess liquid and allow it to absorb fully. Follow with a moisturiser; you can massage this in with a jade roller for a cool and refreshing feeling. 

End your pampering session by tending to your hands. Grab your manicure kit and give your hands the attention they deserve. Carefully clean, trim and file nails, then select a nail polish colour to reflect your mood and paint away. Sit quietly whilst you wait for the nail polish to dry, focus on the sound of the music and the smell of the candles and allow yourself to drift into a meditative state.


If you want to know more about daily self-care routines, you can read our Skin Care Essentials article, or if you're going to gift someone an at-home pamper day, check out our Create the Perfect Pamper Hamper guide to learn more.

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