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How To Pot Indoor House Plants

If you’re not a seasoned pro at potting and re-potting houseplants, then this is a task that can feel quite simple until you come to complete it. Once you’re standing there in front of your plant and all the bits and pieces you need, you might suddenly be overcome with worry; your plant is alive, in a sense, and if you mess up during the potting, it might cause the plant to die. Fortunately, we’ve written a super easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will help you get it right. Simply follow this advice, and we’re sure that you’ll be able to carefully repot your plant so it can thrive.


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What You Need

- A plant, of course! Don’t have any plants of your own yet? Check out our extensive collection of live plants and pick one up in store next time you’re there!

- A pot. You’ll want a pot slightly larger than your plant so that it has room to grow. Take a look at our guide to picking the right pot or planter to find out which will be best for you, your plant, and your home. A word of advice though: Prioritise drainage holes!

- A saucer or another decorative pot to catch water that will fall through the soil and the drainage holes.

- Compost

- Plant food or fertiliser

- Water

- Gardening gloves

- A hand trowel

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What To Do

- Add a few inches of soil to the bottom of the pot, leaving enough room for the plant's root system to be fully immersed within.

- Carefully handle the plant. If removing from another pot, slowly slide a knife around the edge to loosen it and gently pull it out. You may want to tease some roots out of the soil so they can freely grow out into the fresh compost. To do this, take a fork and pick gently at the roots. Make sure you wear gloves during this process, which will protect your hands both from getting too dirty and from any defences the plant may have, such as thorns.

- Place the plant in the pot so that it is resting on top of your previously added soil.

- Using the small spade, fill the rest of the pot with soil. You will probably want to keep a hold of the plant during the process to ensure it is centred, or, at least, stop to adjust it every now and then.

- Pat the soil down, ensuring it is neat but not too tightly packed. This will allow the roots plenty of space to continue to grow.

- Place the pot on the sauce or in the decorative pot. Then, take your water and plant food, mixing together if necessary, and water the plant.

- Find a home for your freshly repotted plant. Do some research on your plant to decide where the best place will be for it to flourish and make sure you know how often to water and feed it.

Popular Houseplants

Sansevieria (Snake Plant): Very strong and one of the easiest houseplants to keep alive, the snake plant is a must-have for every home. The Sansevieria does everything she can to make the humidity in her environment right. In other words, a great houseplant! Make sure you have them at home.

Monstera: With this botanical beauty, you will not only bring the tropics into your home but also a living air purifier that is easy to handle. Monstera likes a light position, but not full sun. The aerial roots ensure that they can absorb moisture from the air. It is an easy living plant: hang it, climb it, whatever you like. Because of its size, Monstera is perfect as a decorative room divider.

Peace Lily: Beautiful and elegant, a peace lily plant is perfect for adding some style to your home. Another air purifier, peace lily plants will cleanse the air by removing harmful toxins. Make sure the soil is always slightly moist and place it somewhere in bright, indirect sunlight. Known to help with sleep, these plants are perfect for placing in your bedroom.

Aloe Vera:  With healing properties and a stylish appearance, aloe vera plants are one of the most popular succulents. This plant thrives the best somewhere that gets a lot of indirect sunlight and when the soil has been allowed to dry out between waterings. The gel substance produced inside the leaves can help with a variety of burns and irritations, making them perfect for keeping around your home.

Known to reduce stress, fatigue and boost your mood, houseplants are great not only for style but for your mental well-being too. Take a look through our wide selection of practical and pretty flower pots and planters, as well as the rest of our Gardens Department, to ensure you have all you need for your repotting journey.

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