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Window Garden Hanging Baskets

Creating Your Own Window Garden

Perfect for those short on outdoor space or those looking to grow an array of tasty herbs and flourishing plants from the comfort of their own living area, this handy guide covers all the essentials for tending to your window garden. From plant pots to propagation essentials, must-have tools to decorative accessories, here at The Range we've got everything you need to help grow your own indoor garden with ease.


Hanging Window Plants

Create Your Own Herb Garden

Suitable for windowsills that are known to receive at least a couple of hours of direct sunlight each and every day, window herb gardens are perfect for those short on space but big on flavour.

Many herbs are super flavourful and are known to thrive well throughout the year. You'll need to ensure your chosen plant pots are of suitable size for both your chosen windowsill and your herbs - remember that herbs are shallow-rooted plants, so they don't need deep containers. Small plastic pots are perfect for starting with, but it's worth considering repotting them to larger pots once they grow a little larger. For those looking to plant all their herbs into a single planter, why not opt for the self-watering planter?

When it comes to drainage, it's always handy to keep your planters and pots stored on a practical saucer. This will help prevent unwanted water and soil markings on your windowsill, and many have been designed to help provide resistance to both warm and cold temperatures indoors.

Pot your chosen herbs with a quality soilless growing medium (remember that regular soil isn't advised when growing indoor plants). For those that can't find such a medium readily available, it can be created by combining perlite, compost, and regular garden soil.

window garden plant ideas

It's recommended that you water your herbs frequently during the Summer months to help keep them from wilting, dehydrating, or drying out when exposed to direct sunlight.

Pinching and picking the leaves when you're ready to harvest is a fool-proof way to help promote healthy re-growth in your plants.

Create Your Own Hanging Garden

For those looking to use all of their windowed areas, not just the windowsill, opting for a hanging garden might be worth considering.

DIY hanging baskets, made by combining suitable yet durable ceiling or wall-mounted hooks with stable rope, are perfect for decorating your window. Hanging delicately in the sunlight, these planters are great for herbs and flowering plants.

If you've got cupboards or doors near your window (or an area of direct sunlight), then why not try filling wire racks with your desired plant pots - a great way to help maximise space without skipping on style.
Remember, a window garden needn't just be indoors! Perfect for accentuating the outside area of your windows, we have many hanging planters suitable for outdoor use and are sure to bring a beautiful edge.

A Reminder to Recycle

If you're looking to get a little more creative when piecing together your next window garden, then why not look at repurposing your recyclables. The possibilities are endless, from metal cans to glass jars and plastic bottles to unused crockery. Here are a few examples of how you can bring your window garden to life with a bit of recycling:


Metal / Tin Cans - If you find an abundance of tin cans, then why not use them instead of plant pots. You can even decorate these versatile cans with items such as string and plant labels will be perfect for potting an array of herbs to help you keep track of your on-trend garden.


Plastic Bottles - Ever-present in most households, plastic bottles are another great option for those looking to substitute their plant pots for something different. Cutting a rectangle out of the side of your plastic drinks bottle provides the perfect trough for your herbs. Alternatively, you could just cut your plastic bottle in half to utilise the base of the bottle as a make-shift and stable plant pot.

Glass Jars - Old jam jars and glass bottles are perfect for planting herbs. You can easily decorate trendy and great for watching as the roots work their way down into the soil, recycled glass plant pots with paints and ribbons.

Unsure about how to care for your newly planted indoor plants and herbs? Check out our guide to Growing Your Own Herbs or How to Care For Your Houseplants. Now that you know how to create, grow, and care for your window garden, look through our Gardens Department to pick up any tools, plant food, and accessories you need to look after it.

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