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Elegant Velvet Sofa Chair

Introducing Velvet Furniture

A daring and luxurious fabric, it’s no wonder that velvet is one of the biggest trends right now. From runway fashion to home furnishings, this lustrous material is in vogue. Introducing velvet into your interior stylings will instantly elevate your aesthetic, but choosing the perfect plush piece isn’t always easy. This article will help you make sense of the crushed, matte, patterned and plain piles to find your first velvet furnishings.


Velvet bed frames lend an instant air of regal opulence to your space. Often designed with tall headboards for an added touch of extravagance, these bed frames will dominate your room and set the style for the rest of your furnishings to follow. Crushed velvet in rich metallic tones are a favourite, producing a stunning and dramatic lustre, while matte velvet options offer a subtler way to bring this fabric into your home and can be easier to blend with your existing furnishings.

If you're looking for more of an accent piece rather than a focal point, ottomans and stools are an exceptional option. Pairing a velvet stool or statement chair with your dressing table creates a lavish, pampered vibe; or place it in the corner of your room to add a touch of elegance to the unused space. Ottomans provide two functions - storage and seating - and can be placed at the foot of your bed to bring some glamour to your bedroom.

Glamorous Velvet Furniture

Living Space

An unapologetic approach to glamour, velvet sofas are a bold and beautiful addition to your living space that demands your attention. Epitomising true luxury, a crushed velvet sofa takes centre stage and transforms your other furnishings into accent pieces. Available in modern metallic and black tones or eccentric green and rose shades for a colourful vintage chateaux vibe, velvet sofas offer a complete package of elegance and comfort.

Velvet armchairs aren’t as flamboyant as a whole sofa or suite, but still have an eye-catching elegance and offer the same blissful comfort. Adding an extra element of glamour to an already desirable design, crushed velvet cuddle chairs and chaise longues are perfect for tying your suite together or positioning in the corner of your room as an inviting escape from the main social space.

wine red velvet dining chair


Enrich your dining experience with a set of velvet upholstered dining chairs. Infusing your room with a luxe aesthetic, velvet dining chairs are perfect for pairing with glass dining tables or bold, modern designs. Working as stunning accent pieces in a glamorous home, or main features in a more toned-down setting, their crushed-velvet or plush matte fabric around a dining table is a truly daring way to showcase your lavish lifestyle.

For kitchen-diners with bars or extending worksurfaces, velvet bar stools are a must. These tall seats are usually designed with cushioned backs for grandeur and comfort and finished with rich colour or button detailing for an all-out sensational look.

Little Luxuries

A subtler way to infuse your space with sleek, shimmering velvet is with smaller furnishings items like footstools. Pairing a super soft and chic velvet footstool or pouffe with your sofa or armchair adds a hint of breath-taking character without overbearing your existing aesthetic.


Once you've purchased your lush piece, it's essential to accessorise it with equally glamorous furnishings. While layering similar fabrics can often look garish or over-the-top, velvet on velvet is an attractive, tasteful, and glitzy move. Harmonising metallic tones of velvet scatter cushions atop the lustrous fabric of your sofa creates a profoundly extravagant focal point and increases the divine comfort of your seating area. Likewise, coupling lavish shimmering throws and deluxe bedding atop your velvet bed frame will create an irresistible alluring appearance in your boudoir.

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