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A Guide To Choosing Wall Art

Hanging art from the wall in your homes is the perfect way to reflect your personality through your home décor, and to fill up the large, blank expanses across the walls. With so much variety out there, it could be hard to choose between splashes of bright colour or dashes of modern monochrome, and looking at so much wall art can often leave you feeling a bit unsure as to what suits you best. If you’re struggling to find the best picture for your living room, bedroom, hallway, or any other place, check out this guide for a quick, simple run down on the different kinds of art you could choose from.


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Classic Scenery

From natural landscapes to fashionable cities, scenery artwork brings a bit of the wider world into your home. They could be calming or dramatic, but will always bring a sense of the picturesque into the room that you hang it. These images are perfect for living rooms and dining rooms, where they’re sure to stun guests with their beauty.

Portraits & People

Paintings of people bring a sense of vulnerability and wonder, making them perfect for your bedroom. They may be given a fantastical edge, ideal for lovers of fairy tales, or crafted to be delicately realistic.

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Perfect for lovers of the wild or country aesthetics, artwork of animals could be majestically realistic or cutesy cartoons. With depictions of everything from calming cows to royal lions, these pieces of art will truly bring a bit of the wild right into your home. Animal artwork will be fantastic for your bedroom, or, if they’re styled like a cartoon, is a perfect way of bringing some creativity into a child’s room or playroom.


If you’re a real art enthusiast, you’ll probably love some pieces from our abstract collection. Full of splashes of wonderous bright colours and dramatic shadings, these pieces will stimulate your imagination and prompt you to look for deeper meanings. Abstract art is ideal for almost anywhere in your home, but will make a real impact in your hallways, where you can lightly peruse them as you pass from room to room.


Fun Plaques & Quotes

Usually themed, these will bring a little humour and love to your kitchen or bathroom. Others may revolve around the importance of family or how to stay happy, prompting you to remember what’s really important whenever you glance at it. Often designed to bring a classy, vintage aesthetic, plaques will really look fantastic hung neatly on your wall, and are sure to catch the eye of anyone you invite into your home.

There is, of course, all kinds of art work for your walls out there. Whatever you think you might like, there's probably a creative depiction of it set into a frame. Check out the rest of our wall art collection for some more ideas and inspiration!

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