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Stencil Floor Banner

How To Paint Your Flooring With Stencils

A wonderful way to jazz up wooden flooring in your home is to decorate it with stencilled designs. This will create a beautiful tiled effect without the costly process of ripping up the wood and laying down tiles. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways, a stencilled pattern on the floor will really add some extra class to your home. And the best bit? This is an easy project that you can undertake yourself over a few days. Just follow this easy guide!

Stencil Floor ECI

What You’ll Need

  • Paint: We highly recommend Rust-Oleum’s Chalky Floor Paint, which is available in 110 colours from the Range! Specifically designed for flooring, this strong formula will hold up against being walked over all day. You’ll want at least two colours – one for the base coat and one for the design – but if you want to create a super colourful masterpiece, you can pick out as many colours as you like!

  • Rollers and a tray: You’ll want a larger roller for the base coat and a smaller one for the stencil painting.

  • Sander: To ensure your flooring is completely smooth

  • Stencils: Whatever kind of pattern you choose, make sure you have multiple stencils so you can use a new one whenever one becomes too soaked in paint. It’ll help speed up the painting process and keep everything neat.

  • Masking tape: To help keep the stencil in place while you paint over it.

Stencil Floor PIS

What To Do

Take some time to sand down your flooring. While having a bit of natural wood grain can add to the charm of the pattern, having too many lumps and bumps will detract, and will also make painting a whole lot more difficult.

Cover your flooring with your base colour. You might need to do a couple of coats to ensure it's completely solid. Between each coat, wait for the paint to completely dry. We’d recommend a plain white or something quite pale to ensure your design pops. Make sure you always stir your paint before starting!

Once your base coats are dry, it's time to stencil! Carefully place your first stencil in the top corner of your room, add a few bits of tape to keep it steady, and roll your paint over it. Repeat this for the space next to it, and for every spot until your whole floor is covered.

Once dry, your beautifully stencilled floor is done! Move back all your furniture, and perhaps add some fun new ornaments to complement the colouring of your pattern! And, most importantly, enjoy the new sense of style and class your redecorated floor brings to your home.


If you prefer to follow along with guides with a more visual touch, check out Rust-Oleum’s short video below!

Are you looking for some new projects to revamp your house with? Make sure to check out the rest of our decorating page as well as the full collection of Rust-Oleum products.

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