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Essential Home Painting

Essential Painting Accessories

If you're planning on undertaking your next DIY project or are thinking of re-decorating a room at home, then it's important to make sure you're kitted out with all the necessary essentials before you crack open your next tin of paint. From fillers and sealants to brushes and roller trays, here at The Range our extensive collection of painting accessories is sure to help set you on your way to fulfilling your decorative duties.


Decorating Painting Brushes

Paintbrushes and Trays

A definite essential for any painting project, accessories such as rollers, paint trays, and suitable brushes are designed to help you tackle your project with ease.

Depending on the job to hand, brushes such as the Block Brush Masonry are great for use on stoned surfaces and walls, whereas all-purpose brushes such as the All Purpose Brush 3 Piece Set are more suited to tending to a wide variety of surfaces. Looking for a brush to help you tend to wooden surfaces? Items such as the 3 Piece Woodcare Brush Set are sure to come in handy.

For those with large areas to cover, why not opt for a roller instead of a brush? You can either pick up a singular roller, or get all of the gear you need for complete redecorating with a pack like Paint Runner Pro to better help you paint those harder to reach areas like skirting boards, corners, and door frames.

Additional Tools

If you're planning on re-decorating rooms with high ceilings, then you'll most likely require a ladder to help you provide an even coat. More specifically, a step ladder will be a stable and safe option that is designed to help provide that extra boost.

For surfaces that have previously had wallpaper applied to or are a little rough around the edges, then you might need to invest in some sanding and stripping tools. You can also get electric sanders, which are perfect for not only stripping surfaces but also for other upcycling projects.

essential painting accessories

Wall Fillers and Sealants


Designed to help you smoothen and seal gaps, cracks, and unwanted uneven patches on your walls ahead of painting, fillers and sealants are an essential part of any DIY tool kit.


Ideal for both filling and repairing unsightly cracks and holes in either your walls or your ceiling, fillers are designed to help provide a smooth finish that dries quickly, allowing you to proceed with your painting project within minutes. Tools such as putty knives are great for helping you scrape away surrounding debris and for allowing you to acquire a smooth coverage.


Perfect for helping to finish joints, prevent mould, and even fill in gaps, sealants are perfect for use around the house. Great for pairing with finishing tools, sealants are sure to help round off any DIY or painting project in style.

Providing Protection

Ensuring you keep any exposed surfaces protected and covered is an essential part of the painting process - you don't want any unexpected spills and splats ruining your floorboards, carpet, or sideboards.

Sheets are perfect for draping over furniture items, flooring and stairs. For those looking for options to help tend to spills and stains if they're too late, there is a wide array of cleaning products specifically designed for painting.

Looking for more inspiration or guidance for redecorating your home? Make sure to check out the rest of our Decorating Department, as well our useful articles on prepping a room for painting and design ideas.

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