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DIY Painting & Design Ideas

We love DIY, and DIY madness sets in for us with spring. Longer days mean you can finish jobs faster, and warm sunshine means windows can be thrown open to make the paint dry quicker. As the saying goes, if you want a job done well, do it yourself. But DIY doesn’t necessarily come naturally for all of us! Here are some simple but effective tips to decorate better at home.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

You’ve probably heard this before, but preparation is key to a good paint job. You need to prepare the wall, room, or furniture you want to paint.

  • Remove all existing paint, wallpaper, varnish

  • Use filler or silicone to cover over cracks and nicks

  • Sand everything down for a better painting surface

  • Clean thoroughly, especially if there is any mould

  • Make sure all surfaces are dry before beginning your redecorating

  • Clear the room and cover the floor

  • Tape all frames to protect them from splashes

  • Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start


Paint by numbers:

  1. Buy the best quality paint and brushes you can afford.
  2. Only dip the brush halfway into the paint and dab the excess away to avoid drips.
  3. Do niches, alcoves and edges before the main bulk of the wall.
  4. Use kitchen foil to cover irregular bits such as doorknobs.
  5. Place a bin bag around the toilet cistern when painting in the bathroom.
  6. Tape cardboard behind pipes and radiators when repainting to protect the wall.


decor hacks decorating

A new look in three steps

Here are our top tips on how to refresh your home fast. Make sure you have all your colours planned before starting; you don’t want any surprising last-minute colour clashes.

Shabby chic

Spray paint or chalk paint on dressers, tables and/or chairs will give your house a new look in a flash. Mix and match bright colours for added fresh factors.


Boldly go

Feature walls have always made a statement, but this season’s trend is to go for broke on the bold factor. Charcoal and dark grey are popular, jazzed up with bright accessories.


Power print

You can create fantastic geometric designs on your feature wall base paint using a 2-inch printer’s tape with a bit of planning. Alternatively, use a stencil for more organic designs.


A green finish every time

Once you’ve cleaned your brushes and rollers, you cannot just throw white spirit away. If you seldom paint, the trick is to leave the milky white spirit to stand after cleaning. The paint will separate from the spirit – simply pour out the spirit and use it again.


If you paint often, have a bucket of sand in your garage. Pour in your used white spirit and agitate now and again, and it will eventually break down. Either way, dispose of it all at a recycling centre, never pour it down the drain or into the soil.


A fabulous paint recycling project allows you to donate or use leftover paint. Search online to see if Community Repaint has a recycling centre near you.

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