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Painting With Chalk Paints

Getting Creative with Chalk Paints

Known for its quick-drying composition and its versatile ability to be used directly on furniture items without the need for a primer, chalk paints are becoming a highly popular option for those looking for a fast and highly functional way to liven up their next craft project.

No matter whether you're looking to bring your old pieces of furniture back to life or are seeking a creative way to add a splash of contemporary colour to your home, our handy guide to chalk paints is sure to inspire an array of wicked and wild craft creations.

Decorating Chalk Board Wall

Upcycling Projects

When it comes to recycling items that you already own, upcycling is sure to become a firm favourite hobby! From bedroom furniture to household essentials, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to rejunivating your beloved items. Not too sure where to start? Check out our Introductory Guide to Upcycling for inspiration!

What many didn't know is that chalk paints can also be used when painting on fabric! Great for diluting with water to help provide an even coat, here are our top project ideas when combining Chalk Paints with fabrics:

- Perfectly Painted Pillows - Why not accentuate your sofa or outdoor living area with an array of vibrantly coloured cushions

- Corner Chairs and Statement Sofas - Perfect for creating that statement style you've been dreaming of, why not liven up your living room with a stunning new design

- DIY Coasters and Coffee Table Runners - A great way to bring a splash of colour and charm to any dining room environment or coffee table

Painting Furniture Using Chalk Paint

If you're planning on re-decorating your old furniture, or have managed to acquire something that you know would look great when repainted, then there are a handful of important steps to consider:

- Choose Your Paint Wisely - Chalk paints from Rust-Oleum or Ronseal are perfect for use when painting furniture items and are designed to help provide exceptional coverage with each and every coat.

- Ensure You've Got The Best Tools - Brushes are known to work well when painting furniture, while rollers are ideal for covering larger surfaces.

- Cleaning The Surfaces and Patching Up - Wiping down the surface of your furniture before you proceed with painting or re-surfacing will help ensure that no unwanted debris is floating around, so make sure you have some sponges or cloths  lying around. If your chosen item of furniture is looking a little worse for wear with deep scratches, holes, and uneven patches, then be sure to apply an appropriate filler or sealant. An adhesive might be good too if you're looking at undertaking any immediate repair work.

- Paint, Sand, and Wax - Once your item of furniture has been cleaned and repaired as required, then it's time to start painting. By painting in long, smooth strokes you can ensure an even coat, whilst covering with more than one coat, this is a definite essential! After you've finished painting, then it's worth either waxing your dried furniture with Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax to help lock-in that lasting sheen or undertaking the process of sanding. Either of these processes can be done first, it's simply down to personal preference. As the surface of your furniture might feel a little coarse after being painted, we'd suggest sanding before waxing - but this too depends on your chosen project!

Sandpaper is ideal for stripping paint from wood, and can be performed with by hand or with help from a machine such as the Einhell 150 Watt Orbital Sander or the Saber 180W Delta Sander.

chalk paints kids wall art

Creative Chalkboard Walls

If you're looking to add a little more creativity to your home, then chalkboard walls are sure to go down well! Specially designed paint such as Ronseal One Coat Blackboard Paint is perfect for accentuating kitchens, hallways, and even kids' bedrooms.

No matter whether you're looking to create a full feature wall or are looking to paint smaller cut-out areas to pair with a DIY ornate frame for a more Boho vibe, the possibilities really are endless.

What's more, once your little ones have finished scribbling or you decide to switch up the current decorative designs, it's super-easy to clean. Simply add a drop of detergent to water and wipe down with a suitable cloth!

Decorative Accessories

Don't forget the essentials! Chalk is the perfect drawing essentials, whilst cleaning accessories such as the Pack of 10 Spontex Essentials All Purpose Cleaning Cloths are sure to help leave your new creative canvas ready for re-decorating after each and every use.

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