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Top Five Packed Lunch Ideas for your Kids

Whether you've got a fussy child or are just stuck for lunchtime inspiration, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of packed lunch ideas that are sure to get your youngsters excited about lunchtime. Not just great for school, these yummy lunches are also ideal for trips to the beach, picnics in the park and any other day out.

First, make sure your child has the perfect lunch box for them, whether they’re into unicorns, dinosaurs or dogs, have a browse of our lunch box collection to find one they’ll adore. Some lunch boxes come with handy dividers so you can easily separate different food types, if your child’s chosen lunch bag doesn’t come with them, investing in food containers in a variety of sizes is a great idea.


packed lunch container

Finger Foods and Dips

Easy for your kids to eat and full of flavour, finger foods with a tasty dip is a favourite for kids. Start with the carbs, either finger sandwiches or pieces of pitta bread are a great choice. Next, chop up some carrots, cucumber, peppers or whatever your child’s favourite vegetable is into stick shapes and add them to your lunch box. Add a small pot of hummus, or another favourite dip of theirs, to make this lunch even more enjoyable for them.  

Shaped Sandwiches

Excellent for fussy eaters, shaped sandwiches are a great way to get your kids excited about eating their lunch. Simply make your child’s favourite sandwich and then use a cookie cutter, or go freehand if you’re feeling brave, to cut them into fun little shapes. With cookie cutters available in the shape of dinosaurs, unicorns, pineapples and more, you can pick out one your child will love.

Pasta salad

Simple to customise to your child’s liking, a pasta salad is another delicious choice for lunch. Great if you’ve made pasta the night before, you can simply use the leftovers to create a yummy lunch filled with plenty of veggies.

packed lunch wrap square


Highly versatile, wraps can be filled with ham, chicken, veggies, salmon, cheese, or a mix. Once you’ve added your filling, simply roll up the tortilla and slice them up into round bite-sized chunks and add them to the lunch box. It’s also a good idea to add some fruit, such as grapes, a banana or an apple to their packed lunch to give them some natural sugars and keep their energy up.


Using cocktail sticks to make little skewers for your kids is another fun idea they’ll love. There are plenty of combinations you can do: a mixture of cheese and fruit is nice and simple, sausage pieces with tomatoes are sure to be a hit, and you could even cut sandwiches into small circles and poke them onto a cocktail stick. The possibilities are endless and can be perfectly tailored towards your child's preferences.

Giving your kids some options so they can decide what they want to eat for lunch is a great idea, you can even get you kids involved in making some of these delicious lunches. For a fun, family night in, why not have a read of our Homemade Pizza Recipe.

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