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One Pot EB

One Pot Recipes

One-pot recipes are a convenient way to cook, with fewer steps to remember and less washing up to do at the end too! Simple, delicious, and quick to make - you only need a handful of ingredients to make the world think you're a seasoned chef! And the best part is, all of these recipes are easily adaptable, so you swap in and out almost any ingredients to make it totally your own or to suit dietary requirements.

Turkey Noodle Stir Fry

Ingredients: lean turkey mince / tenderstem broccoli / celery / cherry tomatoes / spinach / peppers / noodles / soy sauce / cashews


1. Heat some oil in a frying pan on a medium heat, break up your turkey mince into decent chunks and begin to fry with a pinch of salt and pepper.
2. Once the turkey begins to colour, throw in the roughly chopped broccoli, celery, and peppers.
3. At this stage, feel free to add anything you like to add flavour such as chopped chilli, grated ginger, or crushed garlic. For a more mild flavour, you can skip this step.
4. Drop in your cherry tomatoes, either whole or halved, followed by the spinach.
5. Once combined and tomatoes have started to soften, and the spinach has wilted, add your noodles.
6. Add soy sauce to taste and heat through until noodles have cooked through.
7. Serve with a handful of cashews on top to garnish.


One Pot ECI

Pan-Fried Chorizo and Halloumi Potato Hash

Ingredients: Potatoes / onion / chorizo / halloumi / paprika / chilli sauce / eggs


1. Heat some oil in a pan and chop your potatoes into 1cm chunks. Drop them into the pan and cook for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to cook evenly.
2. Chop your onion and chorizo into rough chunks and add to the pan, cooking until the onions have softened and become translucent.
3. Season with a pinch of paprika, salt, and pepper.
4. Push your potato mix to the side of the pan and fry the halloumi (either slices or chunks) in the same pan to soak up the delicious paprika and chorizo flavours.
5. Mix together and check your potatoes are almost cooked completely. Once they are, push the mixture to the side of the pan again and fry an egg in the same pan.
6. Serve the hash in a bowl, top with the egg, and finish with a healthy drizzle of the chilli sauce.

One Pot PIS

Goat's Cheese Pasta

Ingredients: Pasta (any variety should work!) / spinach / soft goat's cheese / lemon juice


1. In a saucepan, cook your pasta as per the cooking instructions, seasoning the water with some salt.
2. Once cooked until al-dente, drain the pasta and place it back into the pan with a handful of spinach and let it wilt in the residual heat of the pasta and the pan.
3. Add a tablespoon of goat's cheese and a grinding of pepper.
4. Mix until the cheese has melted and the pasta has become deliciously gooey.
5. Serve with some shavings of parmesan or a vegetarian cheese alternative and squeeze over a little lemon juice for a fresh and tasty zing.



Whether you're a seasoned chef or can boil a pot dry just by looking at it, we hope you've found a recipe here you feel confident giving a try! For more tasty inspiration, why not browse one of our other articles below or explore our full kitchen and dining collection?

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