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Energy Saving Appliances

Some of our biggest energy costs come from the kitchen, so if you're wondering how to save some money on your energy bills. We’ve put together this article with energy-saving appliances that could help you save a few pennies.


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Air Fryers

Air fryers have soared in popularity recently, partially due to their being cheaper to run than an electric oven. Air fryers save you energy because you don’t need them on for as long as you would an oven. They cook your food in nearly half the time, and they don’t need time to pre-heat, therefore consuming less energy than an oven.

It is, however, essential to ensure you buy an air fryer suited to your requirements. For example, if there are fewer mouths to feed, you can opt for a smaller capacity fryer. However, one with a small basket wouldn’t be ideal for a larger family, and if you need to run the oven alongside anyway, you’re using more energy instead of saving. If you decide to invest in this great appliance, why not check out our top air fryer recipes for inspiration?

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Slow Cookers

Perfect for those tight on time and money, slow cookers work by simmering food at a lower temperature over a few hours. You may wonder how this can save you money when it’s on for so long, but a slow cooker uses less electricity than your oven and generally saves you energy overall.

Slow cookers are also more suited to cheaper cuts of meat, allowing you to save some money there too! If you time it right, you can put your slow cooker on as you leave for work and come home to a lovely, home-cooked meal. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure it's away from walls, safe from pets and on a heatproof surface.


Another appliance that can help you conserve energy is the microwave. Microwaves use less energy by heating the food rather than the air around it. They also don’t need time to warm up, meaning that food takes much less time to cook, using less energy.

If you’re in a pinch for time, look at our quick and easy microwave recipes for inspiration.

We hope this has given you an insight into how your other cooking appliances can help you consume less energy in comparison to an electric oven. For more tips on being more energy efficient, check out our money-saving life hacks.

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