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Preparing your Bathroom for Guests

Whether you've got extended family coming to stay for a few nights or friends coming round for dinner, you want to make sure your bathroom is well-prepared. There's nothing worse as a guest than coming into a bathroom and being unable to find the toilet roll or the towels, or you've noticed the shower tray has some missed grime. Make sure your bathroom is as comfortable for guests to use as their own with our top tips and suggesstions so you're not left embarrassed by your loo.

Clean & Tidy

Making sure your bathroom is clean might seem basic, but there's plenty of areas that you might forget about!

- Clean the toilet using a toilet cleaner. Remember to clean around the seat and rim too, removing any awkward hard-water stains as best you can.

- Scrub down the sink, bath, and shower. Try and get into awkward areas around taps, and make sure your plugholes are clean too, removing build-ups of hair and soap with a plug or drain cleaner. You wouldn't want the sink to get blocked when your guest is trying to wash their hands!

- Wash the floor. Mop or wipe down your bathroom floor, making sure it's dry and you've left no puddles behind that might cause water stains or that guests could accidentally stand in.

- Wipe down the bathroom mirror. The mirror can easily get splattered with toothpaste and soap, or be left with condensation streaks. Give it a quick wipe-down to get the worst of it off so your guests can see themselves properly.

- Wash and dry towels. Have you ever been to someone's house and gone to dry your hands, only to discover the hand towel is damp? Avoid this by making sure you wash and dry at least one towel for your guest to use if they're staying for the evening, and two if they're staying overnight.

- Empty the bathroom bin. Overflowing bins are the worst, no matter what room you're in.

- Remove children's toys. Having a bathroom littered with children's toys and paraphernalia can make it look crowded and cluttered - removing them can make a bathroom feel calmer and more pleasant for guests.

Guest Bathroom ECI

Keep Stocked Up

This is particularly important to remember when you usually use an en-suite and tend to forget about the main bathroom. Making sure your bathroom is well-stocked and everything that needs to be on display or used regularly is nearby makes your bathroom so much easier to use.

- Change the toilet roll holder. If there's not much toilet paper on the current roll, swap it out for a full one, or keep the full rolls on display so guests can change it themselves as and when needed.

- If you don't use your main bathroom a lot, make sure you have toothpaste in there for guests. Your guest might not know that you don't use the main bathroom, so when they go to brush their teeth only to discover there's no toothpaste because it's in your en-suite, this can be a mild annoyance, especially if they're staying for a few days.

- Check your liquid soap dispensers are full. Washing your hands has never been more important, so let your guests wash their hands with ease without them having to use soap sparingly because they don't know where it is to refill the dispenser.

- Create a hamper of toiletries to leave out on the side. Some people might not feel comfortable searching drawers in a house that's not theirs, so make sure a personal collection of menstruation products, painkillers, mouthwash, dental floss, and other personal items are available for them to use. Remember that it's common for guests, especially those who have travelled a long way, to forget a few things. You can add a spare toothbrush, hairbrush, or face wipes to your hamper for this reason too.

- Put clean towels and washcloths somewhere easy to see. Drape them over your towel rack or bath, hang them on the back of your door, or over your sink - just make it obvious where they are and that they're easy to grab.


Guest Bathroom PIS

The Finishing Touches

If you'd like to create a more luxurious feel in your bathroom, why not try implementing a few of the below suggestions?

- Leave a few scented candles around the bath or side table for guests to use. Alternatively, a diffuser will work just as well.

- Keep a fresh can of air freshener in the bathroom. You never know when or who might need it!

- For a hotel feel, you can leave a new dressing down in the bathroom for guest use. When not in use, you can leave your guest dressing gown in your linen cupboard ready for the next guest.

- Add a few faux plants. Ideal for placing on windowsills, toilet tanks, or other surfaces, these add a charming pop of colour to your space.

- Lay a fresh bath mat, or wash and fluff your existing one. Bath mats can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so making sure your mat is fresh for guests is a good idea.


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