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Mosaic Tiles In Bathroom

Creating Your Own Bathroom Sensory Space

Bathrooms needn't be drab and boring! The perfect place to relax, unwind, and escape the outside world after a busy day, bathrooms are designed to help you pamper yourself from the comfort of your own home.

No matter whether you're a shower or a bath fan, our handy guide is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to creating your own sensory space. From storage essentials to stylish accessories, artificial plants to feng shui fundamentals, here's how you can create your own sensory space with help from The Range.

Bathroom Spa Decor Furnishings

Clear The Clutter

As we often know, a clear space can often lead to a clear mind. Designed to help reduce stress whilst also helping keep your bathroom environment free from clutter, fuss-free storage essentials such as the Three Tier Caddie or the Kingston Cabinet are great for filling with your must-have items. Looking for an option that's sure to save space? Wire racks are often designed to hook over your door or shower so they won't get in your way! We also have a wide variety of stylish storage boxes and baskets; designed to combine both texture, trend, and tactile versatility.

Still seeking inspiration? Why not check out our handy guide to Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas.

Stimulate The Senses

A sensory space is all about engaging all aspects of your senses - even whilst relaxing. Great for helping you tune out of your everyday routine, items such as flameless candles, fragrances, and even subtle lighting options are sure to help you unwind with ease.

Flameless candles such as the Champagne Ombre LED Candle Set is sure to help create an ambient glow in any bathroom. Looking for something that's designed to produce a subtle yet stimulating fragrance? Why not accentuate your side cabinet or shelving unit with a desirable diffuser?

Don't forget - Sensory stimulation doesn't just mean smell and sight! It also includes touch. Make sure you feel super relaxed with the help of some bubble bath or bath bombs? And make sure you're using some freshly washed, soft towels after you get out to dry off in comfort!

bathroom sensory space

Picturesque Paradise

If your bathroom has plenty of floor space, then why not consider filling it with a handful of artificial plants depiciting bamboo or aloe plants are great for creating a natural and low-maintenance environment. For those with limited space, smaller plants and bouquets are perfect for placing upon any pre-existing shelf or window sill.

Looking for something with a little more texture, colour, or depth to help accentuate the walls of your bathroom? Decorative wall art with abstract designs are great for complementing existing colour schemes. With their subtle yet immersive contrasting colours, these ready-to-mount canvases are sure to add a pop of colour and charm to any bathroom environment.

If you fancy something that possesses a little more dimension, then why not opt for decorative pieces such as the Ornate Fretwork Wall Art or Open Petal Jewel Wall Art; all are designed to help heighten your sensory space with ease. If you're not seeking decorative art, then why not check out our extensive collection of desirable bathroom tiles to add a classic and vintage vibe to the room.

To contine turning your bathroom into the ultimate centre of peace and relaxation, take a look through our Bathrooms department to find beatiful decor that will soothe your sights, as well as reading through our guides on making a Creating A Spa Worthy Bathroom .

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