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Hosting a Game Night for Adults

Games aren't just for kids! With so many great board games geared towards adults, hosting a game night with your friends is a brilliant way to get together and have fun. Plus, it's a unique alternative to nights out or a Saturday brunch.

If you're thinking of hosting your own game night, we have some fantastic ideas to make the most of it.

Gathering Guests

When inviting people to your game night, choosing an even number of people is a good idea. This means you'll have an even amount of players for team games, and it'll be easier to find games to play that include everyone. Most games require an even number of people or can be played slightly differently to accommodate the number of people you have. You should also try to choose which game you'll play before the night - it will save on lots of arguments and precious time you could be using to play.

Which Game Should We Play?

Unfortunately, this is a question you'll have to answer amongst yourselves. However, we have some ideas depending on the type of vibe you're going for. There are lots of drinking games you can play if you're looking to turn it into a party, with Beer Pong and Shot Roulette being a favourite. Team and trivia games might be a good fit if you want to get competitive. Alternatively, you could hunker down for a long-form game you can play throughout the night, in which case Monopoly is a favourite that everyone knows how to play.

Ask your friends what games they have at home so you've got a wider pool of options.

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Choosing Where To Play

This is just as important as choosing what to play! You should ensure you have enough space for everyone to sit around whilst playing, and consider how long you'll be sitting there for or whether you're playing a game where you'll need plenty of space to move around. Whilst it may be tempting to sit on the sofa around the coffee table whilst playing Monopoly, after an hour or two, you might feel uncomfortable with all the leaning forward you need to do. Long-form board games are ideal for dining rooms where you have good back support from your dining chair and plenty of tabletop space from the dining table.

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Food and Drink

The easiest thing to provide at a games night is finger food. People can help themselves, and the host doesn't need to keep popping out to cook, keeping everyone's focus on the game. Before the event, consider making crudites, creating a charcuterie board, making nachos, or having a chips and dips selection. If you want a sophisticated atmosphere, then a cheeseboard with crackers and chutney is perfect. Make sure you choose a chopping board large enough for all you want to serve. Of course, if you don't want to prep food, no one will protest if you order pizza. Try a chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels for sweet options. Otherwise, go for traybakes, cupcakes, or fizzy sweets and chocolate bowls.

When it comes to drinks, decide whether you want a boozy evening or something more mellow, and have alcoholic and soft drinks available to suit all your guests. You don't need to go all out when offering alcohol: two bottles of wine and a few beers will do, but you can ask guests to bring their own if you know people will only be drinking a little. Have a selection of wine glasses and tumblers on hand so guests can pour their drinks throughout the evening.

Little Extras

If you wanted to, you could play some quiet music in the background, but consider if this is right for your game. Although it might be tempting to create a cosy atmosphere by using candles or fairy lights, these are inconvenient lighting options which will cause eyestrain as you struggle to see your game board; for this reason, we suggest using a lamp to light your space.

You can also liven up the party by including small prizes (such as bags of sweets or novelty gifts) or by making the loser host the next game night!

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