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Game Room Essentials

Gaming has come a long way in the past decade or so. In fact, it has become so worldly accepted as a hobby that people have dedicated rooms to gaming alone. If you've been thinking about joining them, here are some things you'll want to consider picking up.

Gaming Chair

Ensuring you’re comfortable during any gaming session is perhaps the most crucial step in this process, and gaming chairs are designed for exactly that. Gaming chairs come in many designs and colours, with most giving you the ability to adjust the height and angle to your liking. With a comfortable headrest and armrests to support your body, you’ll be free to absorb yourself in your virtual world of choice without worry. It might be more affordable to go with a cheaper chair; however, it’s wise to prioritise comfort over price, or you may suffer for it in the long run, especially if you enjoy long gaming sessions.


When it comes to monitors, you’ll want to pick one that’s big enough for an immersive gaming experience. If you like, you can purchase multiple monitors and line them up together, or go with a particular shape such as a semi-circle. Something to keep in mind is to minimise neck strain, so be sure to position your monitors in such a way that ensures comfort.

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Audio Options

Consider your sound situation. If you don’t always want to use headphones, speakers can create an atmosphere that enhances the video game experience. On the other hand, headphones made for gaming are available in a variety of options, from wired to wireless, with most being equipped with a microphone so you can chat with friends, family, or other online players.


Although you can go with standard lighting, nothing pops more than RGB lighting. Filling every inch of your game room with vibrant colours creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, and all it takes to achieve this is to connect your lights to your gaming PC, PlayStation and Xbox via a USB. Some enjoy using LED strip lights to highlight particular areas or items in their game room. With strip lights, you can change the colour at will with a remote control. Once the lights are ready to go, you can really make your colours stand out with some blackout curtains.

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Gaming Desk

Ideally, you’re going to want to aim for a gaming desk with the size and shape that’s best for you and your room. For example, if your desk is going in a corner, go for an L-shaped desk. Alternatively, a standard rectangular desk can go against a wall. Storage space should be taken into account too, since you might want somewhere to put all your games and accessories. Don’t forget that this is where you’ll have your keyboard, mouse mat and mouse, so give yourself that necessary space.

Game Room Accessories

When some people are designing a game room, they like to keep in mind a theme – something they can keep consistent throughout. If a theme is something you’re considering, think about the types of merchandise you can pick up to accommodate it, whether it be posters, collectables or soft furnishings.

If you’d rather avoid having to move to another room for a quick drink, you can't go wrong with a mini fridge, and if you want to share your new creation with others, they can be just as comfortable as you with an inflateable chair. All in all, the possibilites really are endless.

If you have some gaming room ideas in mind for your own space, feel free to look through our Technology and Appliances department to see if anything interests you.

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