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Essential Accessories for your New Mobile Phone or Tablet

Have your eyes on a new mobile phone or tablet? Chances are, you're going to need some accessories too. From protective cases to charging cables, we have every must-have accessory you'll need to ensure you make the most out of your new piece of technology.

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Phone and Tablet Cases

Protecting your phone or tablet from all kinds of damage should be your number one priority, and our cases allow you to do this in style. Available in a number of colours and designs to suit your preferences, our phone cases are compatible with many types of phones, from iPhones to Samsungs. If you have a tablet, however, our cases not only act as a shield from scratches or cracks but also turn into a convenient stand so you can sit back and enjoy movies, browse the internet, and more.


Screen Protectors

So now that you have the back of your device protected, it's time to cover the front. Although many devices come with pre-installed screen protectors, getting your hands on a tempered glass screen protector ensures complete protection against damage. Generally easy to install and available at an affordable price, you'll be preventing the worst in no time.


Headphones and Earphones

Although not everyone would consider these an essential item, headphones or earphones give you the means of switching off from the outside world and blocking out any distractions around you. Available in a wide variety of prices and colours, you can pick the earphones or headphones that are right for you. We even have earphones made for sports, offering a design that ensures they comfortably sit inside your ear. Some earphones even let you talk to people while you keep your phone in your pocket.

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As much as we wish it wasn't so, our devices run out of charge eventually, so getting your hands on a charger is a no-brainer. Once you're aware of what type of cable your device is compatible with, you'll never have to worry about running out of power again. What's great about chargers is that you can find different types depending on what scenario you find yourself in. For example, someone who's driving will find investing in a car charger a great decision because you can power your device on the go, with some of these chargers even having multiple ports for other devices.

Powerbanks are similar, and are useful for just about anyone, no matter where you are. Powerbanks give your devices lighting-fast charging speeds and are compact and lightweight so you can carry them around with ease. There are also other types of charges, such as stand chargers. A stand charger can power up multiple devices at once after being plugged in using the traditional cable method.

Extra Non-Essential Goodies

Once you have the essentials, there's nothing wrong with going the extra mile and picking up a few more accessories for your phone or tablet. For example, there are waterproof holders and covers that can be used to submerge your phones underwater without the worry of damage. Maybe you're a fan of taking selfies? A phone selfie ring light can give your selfies a professional look, making you glow in the process.

Of course, these are just a couple of the many additional accessories you can have for your device, so feel free to browse our entire Phone and Tablet Accessories page for more.

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