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Four Popular Bathroom Trends

If you’re bored of your simple or outdated bathroom, we’ve compiled a list of fun and stylish ways you can transform your home. Whether you want something sleek and modern or bohemian and colourful, we’ve got a varied collection of themes and décor ideas that will help you create your dream bathroom.


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Whether you live by the ocean or just love the beach, a nautical theme is ideal for all water lovers. Full of calming blue tones, driftwood and coral pieces, with coastal bathroom décor you’ll almost be able to feel the sand between your toes and hear the sounds of waves lapping. With everything from boat-shaped shelves and coastal mirrors to sea-inspired ornaments and seashell soap dishes available, you can beautifully decorate your bathroom with a few charming accessories.


If you want a more simple and sleek style, then opting for a modern bathroom theme will be perfect for you. Normally comprising of white and black shades, this look has a very minimalistic approach that will create a clean and uncomplicated style. White tiles and walls paired with a black shower is a popular way to incorporate this theme as the contrasting shades work beautifully together to establish a sophisticated look. You can add in black accessories such as wire baskets, storage shelves, bathmats and more to really emphasise this theme. Sleek cabinets are a must-have for modern bathrooms, as they allow you to hide away any clutter and unsightly items to keep the appearance clean and simple.


Ideal for those that love to be surrounded by beautiful, bold colours, the bohemian style is sure to make your bathroom stand out. Think colourful walls and extravagantly patterned tiles, you can really let loose with this fun and funky theme. Choose out an eclectic bathmat, light fitting and add in some wicker baskets, artificial plants and quirky ornaments to achieve this enchanting theme. Freestanding baths are perfect for boho bathrooms, they create a great centrepiece for the room and can be surrounded by plants, a folding room divider and a storage caddie to create a luxury feel.

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Like the bohemian décor, the botanical theme is ideal for those that love incorporating fauna and foliage into their décor. To design a bathroom with this natural theme you need to include plenty of green tones, plants and natural accents. Botanical bathrooms usually have white, grey or green walls and tiles, feature wicker baskets, wooden shelves and cabinets, and of course include a variety of both artificial and real plants. Plants and flowers can be placed on shelves, floors, in the shower and anywhere else in the room to create an immersive outdoor-inspired space, indoors. If using real plants, be sure to research them first to make sure they can survive in low light and high humidity. For some top tips on how to incorporate the botanical aesthetic in the rest of your home, check out our Embrace the Botanical Aesthetic in your Home article.


Whether you're going for a complete renovation or just want to incorporate a few stylish ideas, our varied and extensive bathroom collection is sure to inspire creativity.

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