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Hosting a Football Watch Party

Whether you’re a fair-weather fan or a football fanatic, you’ll likely get wrapped up in the excitement of big events whenever they come around. Everyone knows that the atmosphere makes the game, so why not throw your own watch party? We’ve devised a list of essentials to get you prepped for the big game.


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Prepare the Space

You won’t need to buy expensive tickets to the game if you set up your space right. Firstly, ensure your guests have comfortable seating with a good view of the TV. Try and have a fairly open set-up so people have space to move around without blocking the TV and have room to celebrate when a goal is scored!

Decorate the area with flags to really get everyone in the spirit. You can even have your favourite players with you in the form of cardboard cut-outs!

Look the Part

If you’re going to get in the football spirit, you should look the part too. No matter how devoted you are to the game, dressing up is sure to get you swept up in the enthusiasm. A football shirt is perfect for representing your favourite team and showing your support.

You could also use face paints to paint on the flag or emblem of your chosen team if you want to go all out!

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Up the Stakes

Why not make things even more exciting and start a sweepstake? It’s a simple lottery that gives even the least interested fans something to root for and get competitive about.

Firstly, let all participants pick a team out of a hat. Everyone pays an agreed-upon sum to take part. At the end of the tournament, the person who picked the winning team gets to keep the accumulated prize money! You could always decide an amount for the runners-up, but that’s up to you.

Food and Drink

You’ll want to make sure your guests are well-catered for. Finger food is the most convenient, as it allows your friends to pick at the food as the game goes on and you won’t have to be cooking throughout the game. Burgers are also a great choice and they pair well with beer!

Alternatively, you can squeeze some hot food in during half-time. To make things more interesting, why not cook food from each of the teams’ home country or city?

Decorate your table for the occasion. Use these fun football plates and cups to keep on theme and save on washing up later!

Now you’re all ready for kick-off, so grab your friends, get comfy on the sofa and get ready to see it come home!

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