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Fun Outdoor Activities

This summer, make the most of the outdoors with our fantastic list of outdoor activities that will keep you entertained and enjoying the natural environment.


Angling is the most common type of fishing for recreation. There's little better than relaxing by the river, a pond, or even the ocean whilst waiting for fish to swim past. Angling means using a fishing hook - so you don't need a lot of equipment for this popular pastime. A rod, lure, some line, bait, and a packed lunch might be all you need to take with you. Not only is fishing a relaxing activity, but it can also help you get more Vitamin D, aids in concentration, and can help to keep you fit.


There are many beautiful camping locations around the UK, allowing you to sleep under the stars and enjoy the open air. There are plenty of games and adventures to play when camping, such as a traditional ring toss, going on night hikes, cycling, and scavenger hunts. Fun for kids and adults alike, you can grab a tent, get a sleeping bag to help keep you warm and comfortable, and some portable cookware for a tasty meal al fresco.


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Hiking gives you the chance to discover corners of your community and rural surroundings you might not otherwise have seen. It's one of the simplest ways to get active and clear the mind whilst burning fat and toning your muscles. This bracing outdoor activity is also an excellent opportunity to pick berries (only if you know the difference between those that are poisonous and edible), take photos of the landscape, and have a picnic in a tranquil spot.

Beach Days

Who doesn't love going to the beach? Sunbathe, build sandcastles, take a dip in the sea, and grab an ice cream from the van across the road. Going to the beach is one of life's little joys - kids love getting to play in the sand and paddle in the sea, whilst adults can enjoy a peaceful snooze in the shade and enjoy the warm sand between their toes.

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Bird Watching

You might be rolling your eyes at the mere mention of bird watching, thinking that it doesn't belong on this list of 'fun' outdoor activities, but have you ever given it a go? You can bird watch from your garden, a local park, a canal, or anywhere! See how many birds you can spot whilst taking in the natural environment and taking things slow for a change. Turn it into a competition and see who can spot the most birds or find a specific species first! You don't need any fancy equipment - just a pair of binoculars and a notebook if you want to note down what you find.

Play Sports

Tennis, football, rounders, and cricket are all popular sports to play in the garden or at your local park. Gather friends and family to play together, learn a new sport completely, or even develop your own amalgamation of sports!


Sport can keep you fit and active, look after the heart, and help you with your teamwork. Plus, a little healthy competition doesn't hurt anybody!

Explore our full Leisure department to discover more great ideas for getting outside and any essential equipment too.

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