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Greenhouses ( products)

Find top-quality greenhouses for gardening beginners and pros at The Range. Grow your vegetables and plants in a variety of environments, without breaking the bank. Our greenhouse collection caters to all needs, so you can grow your produce easily and confidently.


  • Mini greenhouses, walk-in greenhouses, pop-up versions and more
  • Durable materials include wood, plastic, steel and glass
  • Explore traditional Victorian styles and large transparent designs
  • Freestanding structures with multiple tiers
  • Pop-up growing tunnels with minimal assembly


Explore affordable garden products online today - we’ll deliver them to your door in no time.

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Blooming brilliant greenhouses at The Range

If you’ve got limited space, don’t let it stop you from planting your favourite vegetables and fruits. Our mini greenhouses are great value for money and have convenient size dimensions, making them perfect for balconies and patios.


Our polytunnel greenhouses are ideal for commercial growers and gardeners looking for year-round solutions. They are easily taken apart and reassembled, should you need to relocate your veggie growths.


Does growing indoors sound appealing? We stock hydroponic grow tents designed for indoor gardeners like you. With their heavy-duty material and ventilation features, your plants will thrive no matter the season.

Wooden greenhouses

Greenhouse structures made with wood look effortlessly elegant, adding a little rustic charm to any outdoor space. Many of our options are customisable, allowing you to add a lick of exterior paint for added beauty. Aside from aesthetics, our wooden greenhouses have adjustable shelves ideal for giving taller plants room to bloom.


If wooden garden furniture takes your fancy, explore our selection of garden sheds - we’ve got shed-greenhouse hybrids!

Lean-to greenhouses

Wall greenhouses are available in both walk-in and mini styles, offering a convenient solution for expanding your gardening space. They provide wind resistance, heat retention and a controlled environment for nursing plants. If you like the idea of a well-insulated wall greenhouse, browse our collection for durable options at low prices.


Top tip: If you want an inexpensive solution, we’ve got mini greenhouses with shelves for growing tomatoes, small plants and more. They’re simple to assemble and can be placed against a wall to save space.

Polycarbonate greenhouses

Many seasoned gardeners prefer the robustness of a polycarbonate greenhouse over glass versions. Why? They’re practically unbreakable, offering shatter-proof, lightweight material that stands the test of harsh weather conditions.


Explore the polycarbonate greenhouses in our collection to experience the best thermal insulation and maximum durability.

Walk-in greenhouses and tunnels

Enjoy the luxury of a walk-in greenhouse and embrace your natural surroundings. When you browse our walk-in greenhouses, you’ll find a variety of sizes to accommodate all plant collections. With sliding doors, sturdy frames, UV-resistant panels and plenty of space for planting seeds, you can create a botanical oasis with ease.


Which greenhouse is best for beginners?


If you’re just getting started with gardening, a small 6 x 8 greenhouse works best. We’ve got pop-up greenhouses that are easy to assemble and don’t take up too much space. Alternatively, we have covered flower beds for planting up to 6-8 plants in a controlled environment.


Where can I get replacement parts and additional insulation?


Whether you need to replace your tunnel cover or add some protective insulation, we’ve got you covered. Explore greenhouse accessories online at The Range!

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