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Easy Summer Vegetables You Can Grow Now

Perfect for any green-fingered gardener looking to ensure a fruitful harvest ahead of the Summer months, our handy article covers all the need-to-know essentials when it comes to getting your vegetable patch ready for Summer. From salad leaves to juicy and nutrient-rich vegetables, here at The Range our extensive selection of ready-to-sow seeds are sure to help you spring into action ahead of the warmer months.

Looking for inspiration when it comes to tending to your garden ahead of Summer? Our handy article on how to Get Your Garden Ready For Summer is sure to help you sweep, stylize, and spruce-up your garden with ease.

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Nutrient-Rich Vegetables

Great for creating an array of delicious dishes, vegetable seeds such as the Celery Pascal Seed Packet, Black Beauty Aubergine Seed Packet, Pack of Gold Rush F1 Courgette, Pack of Romanesco Precoce Cauliflower , or the Pack of Malbec F1 Carrots are perfect for sowing into well-drained soil during the months of Spring - ensuring a harvest during the warmer months as well as towards the end of the year. For those after more exotic vegetables, then why not look at sowing some Pack of Kohl Rabi Ballot F12 Seeds, Pak Choi White Stemmed Seed Packet, Pack of Babymax F1 Marrow , or some Johnsons Beetroot Burpees Golden Seeds - all are great for serving at BBQ's and fabulous family gatherings.

After something with a little added kick to help spicen things up during the Summer? Chillies and pepper seeds such as the Chilli Cayenne Seed Packet, Chilli Habanero Seed Packet, Pack of Mild Hot Jalapeno Pepper Seeds, or the Pack of Carribbean Blend Hot Pepper Seeds are not only easy-to-grow but are sure to help liven up any culinary creation.

Salad Leaves and Herbs

Great for lunches and even for serving alongside cooked meats and BBQ'd produce, salads offer a healthy and refreshing balance to your Summer meals. Ready-to-sow seeds such as the All Year Round Lettuce Seed Packet, Cos Lettuce Paris White Seed Packet, Pack of Contrasts Mixed Lettuce , Pack of Organic Spinach Renegade F1 Seeds, or the Oriental Stir Fry Salad Collection are sure to provided returning harvests from year to year.

Looking to add a little more depth to your salad? Why not look to sow seeds such as the Johnsons Beetroot Moneta Seeds, Garlic Chives Seed Packet, Pack of Red Toga Spring Onion , or the Pack of Radish Scarlet Globe Seeds - all are perfect for chopping up and mixing well into your salads for a refreshing twist of added flavour. Don't forget - kitchen herbs such as the Johnsons Mint Herbs, Johnsons Parsley Laura Herbs, or the Johnsons Organic Coriander Cilantro For Leaf Herbs are perfect too for potting before the Summer months!

Stuck on what type of salad to serve to your guests this Summer? Why not check out our Four Scrumptious Summer Salad Recipes.

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Potting Your Plants

When it comes to starting your vegetables off on the right foot, there are plenty of seed tray or pot options to choose from here at The Range. Whilst most seedlings are suitable for sowing into potting trays such as the Large Potting Tray, Cell Seed Tray Inserts, Full Sized Seed Trays, or the Cell Seed Tray, it's worth considering that your plants might soon out-grow their surroundings. If this is the case, then re-potting them into pots such as the Pack of Square Black Pots, Pack of 5 12.7cm Plant Pots, or more biodegradable options such as the Square Fibre Pots or the Pack of 12 Fibre Pots are a good way to ensure their roots have sufficient room to continue their growth.

Fertilisters and Watering

With the warmer months often leaving plants dry and dehydrated, it's important to ensure you're providing them with as much nutrition and water as possible. Irrigation accessories such as the Hose And Spray-Gun Set, Flopro+ 30 Metre Hose and Cart System, 7 Litre Watering Can With Spray Rose, or the Telescopic 8 Dial Spray Lance are perfect for ensuring your growing plants are well looked after. For those with larger vegetable patches to tend to, then why not look at investing in a watering tool such as the Oscillating Garden Sprinkler or the Flopro+ Typhoon Rotating Sprinkler - designed to provide excellent coverage across your harvest. 

Looking to stay as eco-friendly as possible on the run-up to Summer? Why not invest in either a Ecomax Ward Compost Bin or a 100L Slimline Water Butt And Stand. Both are great ways to help save on waste whilst recycling natural materials!

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