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Must-Have Greenhouse Essentials For Summer

With the warmer months of Summer set to alter the climate inside your greenhouse, it's important to make sure you, and your beloved plants, are well-prepared for the scorching temperatures. Here at The Range our extensive collection of must-have greenhouse essentials are sure to help lend any green-fingered gardener a helping hand when it comes to kitting out your greenhouse. Covering aspects relating from storage accessories to irrigation tools, this handy guide won't leave you feeling hot under the collar this Summer season.

New to outdoor gardening and looking for a little motivation when it comes to purchasing your first greenhouse? If so, why not check out our Essential Guide to Buying a Greenhouse - packed full of helpful tips and inspiring ideas, this guide is sure to come in handy.

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Storage Accessories

By creating circulation around your greenhouse, you can be sure to help ventilate your plants with a little more ease. Storage accessories such as the Eden Halls One Tier Greenhouse Staging, Eden Halls Two Tier Greenhouse Staging, Eden Halls Three Tier Seed Tray Tidy, or the Wall Garden Staging Pair are perfect for not only maximising storage space but also for promoting a little more growing space.

If you're planning on potting plants ahead of the Summer months, then making sure you're well stocked with suitable pots and planters is also key. Products such as the Pack of Square Black Pots, Pack of 3 15cm Plant Pots, or the Pack of 10 7.5cm Plant Pots are perfect for giving your plants a little more wriggle room, whilst saucers such as the Set Of Five Six Inch Pot Saucers or the Plastic Plant Pot Saucer are perfect for helping reduce the risk of unwanted water spillage when it comes to keeping your plants hydrated.

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Making sure you keep your plants well-hydrated during the warmer months is an important step that shouldn't be missed. It's suggested that should you water your beloved plants, seedlings, or new cuttings at least every day or every other day if you find yourself caught up in other tasks. Water storage accessories such as the 100L Slimline Water Butt And Stand are designed to help you save water with ease for such a purpose.

Plants that are stored in conservatories or within direct sunlight will also benefit from being watered every day to avoid dehyrdation.

Irrigation essentials such as the Woodstock Watering Can with Rose, 6.5 Litre Watering Can With Rose, or the Woodstock Watering Can are lightweight options that can be kept inside your greenhouse, ready-to-be filled with fresh water. If your plants are stored in potted arrangements, vegetable patches, or flower boxes just outside your greenhouse, then why not opt for the 150 Feet Expandable Hose With Spray Gun, Flopro+ 30 Metre Hose and Cart System, or the Draper Knapsack Pressure Sprayer - great for watering larger areas with ease.


The aspect of over-heating is a common feature within greenhouses during the warmer months, leaving your plants and seeds dry and dehydrated if not monitored correctly. Ensuring your greenhouse is adequately ventilated will no doubt benefit your crops. If you do decide to leave the doors of your greenhouse ajar, why not install some easy-to-hang Flyscreens - perfect for keeping unwanted bugs at bay.

For those looking to regulate air-flow through their greenhouse, then the Automatic Roof Vent Opener is a perfect tool for allowing you to find the right balance between heat and humidity. Both easy-to-fit and with the ability to set your prefered temperature, this reliable tool is a great way to help your potted plants reap the benefits of the warmer weather. After a more fool-proof way to help you measure the rising temperatures? Why not install a lightweight thermometer such as the Metaltex Thermometer or the Wooden Thermometer to the inside of your greenhouse.

If you're looking for a way to store your beloved plants outside of your greenhouse during Summer, then why not kit out your garden with either a Tomato Greenhouse With PVC Cover, Cold Frame Greenhouse With PVC Cover, or a Forest Timber Overlap Cold Frame. All offer great ways to help keep your plants cool during the changing temperatures.

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