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10 Modernise Kitchen

10 Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen Area

Kitchens can become tired quickly, thanks to how much use they get. What was once a cool, practical, and fun room to be in can turn dour before you know it due to stains, steam, and changing fashions. Don't panic if this sounds like your kitchen - we want to share our 10 favourite ways to make your kitchen feel modern and new without needing to break the bank!

1. Paint the Cabinets

Your kitchen will instantly feel lifted by giving your cabinets a fresh lick of paint, especially in a bold new shade. Quick and easy to do in under a day, you can find a variety of kitchen cupboard paints to help you change the look of your space without having to replace your cabinets completely.

2. Change Cabinet Handles

Sticking with the cabinet theme, by simply upgrading your door knobs, you can inject new life into your kitchen space. Why not try a crystal-effect style for a luxurious finish, a wooden set for a rustic vibe, or pull bars for a sleek, contemporary look?

3. Switch Up Lighting

Lighting makes a significant impact in the kitchen (you can read more about it in our Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen article), and by changing the fitting or shade, it makes a massive difference to the overall ambience of the space. Industrial lighting is a great choice for the kitchen as they're often simple and easy to clean, whilst larger pendant styles can create a truly breathtaking and sophisticated air.

10 Modernise Kitchen ECI

4. Make a Feature Wall

These are especially good in homes with a kitchen-dining area. Using wallpaper to make a feature wall is a simple but effective way to fill your dull space with colour and patterns. Plus, using wallpaper is excellent for separating the kitchen from the dining room whilst giving your home an extra dose of personality without your home feeling closed in with walls and partitions.

5. Upgrade the Splashback

If your old one has seen better days, and you're feeling confident in your DIY abilities, then chipping off the old splashback tiles and replacing them can bring some much-needed fresh air to your kitchen. Experiment with textures, colours, and the layout of the tiles to make the most of this simple option.

6. Improve Kitchen Storage

Make use of the small nooks and crannies on top of your cupboards, or under the sink, with clever kitchen storage ideas. Pull-out shelves are perfect for the pantry, whilst storage trolleys and cabinets can make manoeuvring your kitchen easier, plus, the wheels mean you can switch up the position of your cabinets when you get bored of your current layout. Open shelving for crockery can make your space feel more free-flowing whilst making everything easier to grab.

10 Modernise Kitchen PIS

7. Upgrade the Dining Table

If you can afford to splash the cash, then getting a brand-new dining table and set of chairs will make your space feel modern in an instant, especially if you decide to opt for a clever space-saving design or something with a sleek marble effect. If you aren't feeling quite so flush, then giving your existing set a make-over with some new table linen and seat pads will make your dining room furniture feel good as new.

8. Upcycle Existing Furniture

If you find that buying a new table is too dramatic, but using a tablecloth isn't dramatic enough, consider upcycling your furniture instead. Give them a paint job and find unique ways to make them fit your new kitchen vision. You can also re-upholster your dining chairs with old cushion covers or clothes you're thinking of throwing out. Not only is this an inexpensive way to make your kitchen stand out, but it also allows you to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

9. Install a New Kitchen Sink and Taps

Changing up the metal finishes in your kitchen, such as the sink, can create a whole new effect - brass and copper tones will make a space feel warmer and more rustic, whilst chrome finishes will help you to get that highly polished look. Sinks can also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, meaning you can choose softer, round designs or go all-out with a uniform, square sink inspired by professional kitchens.

10. Accessorise

You accessorise and decorate the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, so what's stopping you from creating a more homely atmosphere in the kitchen? Try placing decorative pots and plants on countertops, hanging wall art, or even having a few candles dotted around to help you get rid of some of the cooking smells that tend to linger. Make your kitchen truly your own with a few well-placed accessories, and it'll feel like a whole new place you'll love to cook in.

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