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Childs Playroom Lego Bricks

Setting Up a Playroom for your Kids

Putting aside a designated play area for your kids gives them a space where they can freely play, learn, and get creative. It saves other areas of the home from the mess of toys and games, and what's more - you can always adapt the space as your little ones grow. You can incorporate everything from art supplies and toys to learning games and nature areas. Here are some of our ideas to help you create a playroom your kids will remember!

Creative Areas

Give your kids free reign over an area of the playroom by filling it with paint, paper and must-have art supplies. Depending on their age, you can include Make Your Own sets, including jewellery and candles, changing them up as your kids get older. For younger children, you could even set aside a wall for them to paint on to their heart's content. Craft glue, embellishments, and other craft supplies allow them to play around with different textures and experiment with their creative side.

Childs Playroom with Toys


Learning Areas


Set aside an area where your kids can learn at their own pace about things they enjoy. Whether this is a set of learning blocks for toddlers or a mini science lab. For older children, this is an area where they can have fun whilst taking in new information about the world around them. Fill the walls with posters and world maps, whilst a storage unit can help organise their favourite reads and everyday essentials with ease. You can also add a table and chairs to give them somewhere to focus their learning.

creating a kids playroom

Play Areas

Clear a large floor space where your children can play and have fun. Fill with bean bags as well as with tunnels and tipis, or even get them to make their own den from blankets, bed sheets and throws. Use open boxes or wicker baskets to keep toys within easy reach, and fill a trunk with costumes and play props such as toy swords. Decorate the area with fairy lights and lava lamps, creating a magical atmosphere that lets their imagination run wild.

Nature Areas

Set up a little nature area on a windowsill or a quiet corner of the room that lets your kids interact with and learn about the natural world. Help them grow plants and flowers and put aside a space to collect leaves, seashells, and other natural trinkets. You could pick these up on nature trails around your local parks and gardens.


Alternatively, why not look at growing your cress plants! A fun and engaging way to keep your little one entertained, the possibilities are endless when creating funky and fun designs and styles for your pots.

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