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What's So Great About Gaming Chairs and Desks?

Over the last few years, the rest of the world has begun to take video games as seriously as gaming fanatics. Accessories to help you game in greater comfort, create proper ambience, and help you improve your skills, have blown up across the tech world. Chairs and desks have seen the most evolution, with chairs specifically designed to bring comfort and immersion, and desks created to cater to aesthetic and organisational needs. Gone are the days of slouching in the shadows in front of a TV screen. Gaming like a professional is now a lot more accessible and affordable.


Gaming chairs are designed specifically so you can sit back, relax, and get lost in gaming. A lot of gaming chairs, such as Gaming Chair and Brazen's Phantom chair, come with in-built back and head support cushions, to help you avoid muscle pain and long-term damage from slumping over a keyboard too much. These chairs are ideal for those who love long, intense gaming sessions and find themselves getting so lost in the real world they might forget to stretch out their spine as much as they should. Other chairs, such as BraZen's Python collection, might be more suited to those who like shorter, less demanding sessions, and so don’t need major support interwoven with their comfort. The laidback design of these super-padded chairs allows you to kick back, stretch your legs out, and properly unwind from long days by sinking into the chair as well as the game.

Gaming Chair and Desk

So you’ve got the support and the comfort, now you need the immersion. Some gaming chairs use a mixture of speakers and subwoofers to create a rich, inbuilt surround sound system. Playing horror or stealth games? You’ll really be looking over your shoulder as you hear your enemy creeping up behind you. Love joining your friends in online first-person shooters? Go down in a blaze of gunfire and glory with your teammates shooting all around. And it doesn’t stop at sound. With technology like tri-motor vibration systems, you’ll feel the shock of battle rattling your bones just as your avatar would.


The idea of a ‘gaming desk’ might seem a bit excessive; all you need is a flat surface to pop a computer or console on, right? Maybe a few holes for wires and a shelf for storage. Well, gaming desks have all of those, plus some extra special features that gamers will definitely appreciate.

Like gaming chairs, gaming desks are ergonomically designed with its primary goal being to heighten its user’s comfort and immersion. Gaming desks are often more adjustable than regular desks and built to consider the energetic movements that come with being fully sunk into a reality world.


Adjustable monitor shelves, removable storage places, alcoves for extra room, and wrist supports are commonplace in gaming desks.

Many gaming desks are finished off with a smooth, melamine coating – this means the entire desktop serves as a mousepad. No longer will your movements, tactics and strategy be confined by a small square of fabric. With a gaming desk, you’ll be able to slide and glide your mouse across your desktop to get the best sense of scope and control of your game’s landscape.

And to top it all off, a lot of gaming desks are built with style in mind. For starters, these desks are specifically set out for gaming PCs, meaning all wire control and storage is tailored specifically to suit a gamer. And you’ll want to keep your desktop clear, with their sleek surfaces and futuristic frames, especially if you’ve got XRocker’s Lynx, which features customizable RBG lighting to really bring that high-tech space-age aesthetic to life.


Gaming is a passion shared by people from all walks of life, from the typical teenage boy to the middle-aged woman unwinding from work, and the advancements in designs of gaming chairs and desks reflect that. Whether you're looking for greater comfort, complete immersion, or just something that looks really cool, there's definitely a gaming chair and desk out there for you and your console.

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