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Guide to Electric Ride-On Toys

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting gift for your child, then our helpful Guide to Electric Ride-On Toys is sure to help.

Ride-on toys come in many different shapes and styles from scooters and go-karts to cars. They also come for varying age groups, so sometimes finding the right toy for your child can be difficult when there’s so much on the market. Are you confused about the world of electric ride-ons? Fear not, this guide will steer you through this world of toys with ease.


The simple scooter may have been a staple in your own childhood adventures – it’s the perfect introduction to the world of electric ride-on vehicles and is easy to steer and use.

Electric scooters generally aren’t recommended for children under the age of 6, but we still have a great collection of classic scooters to choose from. The Y Glider Nua has added stability for use by little hands and feet and is suitable from the age of 3.

For children aged 6 years and older, the Feber Dareway Revolution is an exciting step up from the traditional scooter. Featuring a built-in speaker, 360° turning, and an adjustable handlebar, your child can cruise in style at a speed of 4mph.

Kids from the age of 8 will enjoy riding around on the Razor Power Core Electric scooter. High-performance with a slimline deck, it promises a sleek and speedy ride. This scooter travels at a maximum of 11mph and can also be used as a conventional scooter.


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Older kids and teenagers from 15 years old will love the Hover 1 Alpha Black E Scooter. This scooter has a lightweight, folding frame and travels up to an incredible 15.5mph. Smooth and comfortable to ride, this scooter also has a brake on the handlebars for extra peace of mind.

Vehicles and Go-Karts

For children who may prefer to sit and ride, a kid’s electric car or motorbike may be more up their street.

Perfect for little racers from the age of 3, the Electric Car is a fantastic toy that can be driven manually by your child or by you with the remote control and includes a seatbelt for added safety. This white car features working headlights and can only travel at a speed of 3mph.

Jumping up to age 8, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift allows for drifting and driving fun no matter their skill level.

For teenagers 13+ who are interested in motorcycles and bikes, the Razor Dirt Rocket is the perfect vehicle for them. This bike is fantastic for young drivers looking to hone their skills. It’s the ideal introduction to the world of motorbikes and racing that could help to fuel their passion later in life.


Quirky Alternatives

If those didn’t tickle your fancy, then why not explore something different?

The Feber ride-on Llama and Unicorn are enchanting substitutes to the traditional ride-on toy for children over the age of 3. Designed like the animals their names suggest, they are colourful and engaging with lights and sounds for added enjoyment. Both toys have a top speed under 2mph and comfort grip handles.

If you have a teenager aged 14 or up, the Urban Cruiser is a trendy, self-balancing ride-on that’s been inspired by the hoverboard craze. Its 2 gyro-controlled motors are designed for a stable and fun ride and has a charge time of around 2 hours.

Top Tips

1. Never use ride-on toys on public roads and payments.
2. Always use on private property with the owner's consent.
3. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn at all times.
4. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
5. Do not use as a mobility aid.

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