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The Best File or Folder for You

Whether you're an office worker or a diligent student, a file or folder can go an incredibly long way in keeping you organised. With that said, files and folders are numerous in variety, so we at The Range are here to help find the one that's right for you.

Carry File

The carry file is undoubtedly a fantastic, practical solution to organising and protecting your important documents. Easy to use and carry around, it's also designed to protect your work from moisture. Available in a number of sizes, including A2, A3 and A4, this particular file might be good for an art student. Should you have artwork you need to move from class to class, the carry file offers the size and features you would need to ensure everything is protected.

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Expanding File

Speaking of students, what many of these hard workers may find useful is an expanding file. Made to separate a vast array of documents, worksheets, and more in a colourful display, these handy files are one of the very best when it comes to great organisation. Perhaps you have upcoming exams or assignments? An expanding file offers the means of colour coding your paperwork, meaning research and revision notes can be separated efficiently.

Metal File Box and Box File

A fantastic, durable storage option, the metal file box is a wonderful organisation tool thanks to its suspension files separating your documents with ease. Additionally, you’ll have a lock and keys provided, meaning you and you alone will have access to its contents. If that wasn’t enough, the box also comes with a comfortable handle so you can transport it without issue. The box file, on the other hand, is a smaller, more simplistic file that is big enough for A4 documents to comfortably sit within. Should you want to store this file away, you can even label it by writing on the spine's lined paper.

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Presentation Book

If keeping your work locked away causes hassle, a presentation book might be what you're looking for. These handy books allow you to show off your hard work while simultaneously keeping them protected. Securely bound with multiple transparent inserts, these are brilliant organisation tools that only require a flip of a page once everything is placed inside, and are available in A3, A4, and A5 to suit your needs.

Arch Files and Ringbinders

With two ring binders, you can easily store your work with an arch file or ringbinder by hole punching your documents or using plastic sheets. Once done, the locking mechanism will secure everything in place. The majority of these have attractive, unique designs that are sure to stand out on a shelf or desk.

Envelope Folder

If your notes are difficult to keep track of, securing them in an envelope folder is a wonderful solution. A secure popper seals any work until it needs to be used. If you're a student and need to prepare for an exam, storing your revision or flash cards in one of these folders is a great way to revise on the go.

We hope this guide has been helpful. There are other files we haven't discussed, so if you still aren't sure which one is for you, check out our entire Files and Folders page.

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