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Great Stationery Gift Ideas

Whether they use it for work or pleasure, gifting someone stationery is always a fantastic idea thanks to how useful it can be. With that said, here is a whole heap of stationery gift ideas you can get someone, whether they absoutely can't get enough of it, or just need it for the future.

School's Out No Longer

As much as it may pain some children to have to go back to school after a long, fun-filled holiday, it’s inevitable that they’ll be sitting in the classroom again. Fortunately, we have them covered with a wide variety of stationery options that can ensure they're prepared. From pens to geometry and math sets, scouring our Children’s Stationery Department will assuredly have you filling their pencil cases in no time. And not to worry if your child could do with a bit of help with their learning, because we have helpful workbooks, flashcards, and more that can get them on the right track. It should also go without saying that it’s always nice to get something more personal, so why not let them express their admiration for their favourite film, game, book, or TV show with our licensed stationery? From Pokémon to Harry Potter, whatever their preference might be, we have something for everyone to get the school work done while they show a bit of themselves in the process.

While you're here, check out even more ideas included in our Back to School Essentials article.

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9-5 Gifts

With the kids sorted, we can’t forget about those working hard at the office. For starters, if you know someone who struggles to keep organised, our organisation sets might be their saving grace. Personalised and professional, stationery such as pens and pencils can easily be stored in one place to ensure nothing gets lost. Also, consider how much paperwork someone might have to keep track of while on the job. We have plenty of files and folders available with that in mind, and even pockets and dividers for those who need that extra bit of organisation in their work lives. Notebooks can also come in handy for jotting down important tasks, and we have a vast array of styles for you to choose from for gifts. However, if you want to make the task of setting reminders even easier for your friends or family, a weekly planner lays everything out for them – all they need to do is just fill it in.

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The Gifted Artists

Is there an artist or two in your life? Chances are, they'll run low on supplies eventually, so to save them from having to stock up themselves, why not treat them? Our wide selection of art sets make for great gifts if you want something which guarantees long-lasting use. A set of colouring pencils or paints will make any artist very happy, and if they prefer sketching, it’s not a problem because we have so many options.



Showing admiration for one’s country through one’s stationery has never been easier. Consider gifting any of the types of people we’ve mentioned with some souvenir stationery, all designed to really show off the red, white and blue. You might even know someone who’s visiting from abroad that could really benefit from a pencil case or bag, meaning the gift can act as both a symbol of their holiday and a useful tool!

The Party Planner

With the gifts at the ready, you may just want to wrap them if it’s for a special occasion, so get yourself some wrapping paper. And speaking of special occasions, if you have a party to prep, one of the greatest gifts of all is to ensure it’s one to remember. To achieve this, you can check out our Party Supplies. Offering a variety of decorations, from balloons, tableware, confetti, and more, whether if it’s for a birthday, wedding, or anything you can put your mind to, we have what you need.


We hope this has been helpful and that you can come away with some new stationery gift ideas. If you're still unsure what to get, or just want to add to your growing gift list, check out the entirety of our Stationery Department.

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