Craft Storage Tips & Tricks
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Colourful Craft String Storage

Craft Storage Tips & Tricks

Organising your creative workspace can actually be a fun afternoon. There are few things as satisfying as rows of colour coordinated ribbon and piles of neatly stacked crafting paper and card. Not to mention that a tidy workspace makes our life easier, giving us more time to get creative and less time searching for that elusive stamp!

Repurpose Household Items

Jewellery trees and bracelet holders make perfect displays for ribbon and coloured tape, giving you easy access and allowing you to see at a glance what you need. Organise by colour or material, giving you a stylish storage solution. They can be placed on your shelving, on your desk or anywhere within easy reach for you. You can also upcycle used tins and cans to create cute stationery holders. Remove labels and paint in your favourite colour, or wrap in pretty decorative paper. They are the perfect size for holding pens, pencils, scissors and other essentials you want on display. 

Colourful Craft Ribbons in Box

Food Storage Containers

Clear, waterproof and sealable, it’s no wonder food containers are a staple of many craft rooms. Use them to store paper, card, stickers or any other materials you want to stop from becoming creased or damaged. The clear plastic allows you to easily see what’s inside, whilst the lockable lids prevent water, ink or other materials from staining the contents of the box. Many food storage boxes are also stackable, saving you space by allowing you to store them vertically.  

craft storage yarn knitting

Glass Mason Jars

It seems there’s no end to the uses of mason jars. When it comes to craft storage, they are perfect for keeping buttons, embellishments and toppers safe and organised. As the jars are glass, you can easily see what’s inside, whilst the sealed lid prevents messy spillage if they get accidentally knocked over. Not to mention they look attractive on your shelves too!

Use Shower Racks  

Chrome shower racks make ideal storage for a variety of craft items. They can be hung on the wall, on the backs of cupboard doors and even in the corner of the room. Often combining shelving with hooks, you can use these to keep your essentials within easy reach and free up space on your workspace and in drawers.


Why not check out our craft storage solutions for more ways to stay organised?

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