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Spring Craft Ideas Chick Eggs

Spring Craft Ideas

Let your child's creative side bloom this spring with these easy spring craft projects for kids, which are perfect for Easter but give colourful art and craft inspiration any day of the year.


Home-blown Eggs

This craft project is particularly popular over Easter but can be tailored to suit a more generic spring theme. Kids will love getting messy and blowing the egg from its shell - though if your child is really little, they may need some help with this.

1. Have a responsible adult take a sturdy needle or other sharp object and carefully make a hole in the more rounded end of a room-temperature egg. Work the hole gently with a thin skewer or cocktail stick and then use that skewer to pierce the yolk and mix up the egg in the shell – this will let the innards blow out much easier. 

2. Make another small hole at the pointy end of the egg and blow from this end. Don’t forget a bowl to catch the egg!

3. Rinse the shell with warm water and leave it to dry.

4. Whilst you're waiting, get everything you need to decorate them. You can ink geometric designs around the egg, give it polka dots, or paint it yellow and make it a Minion. What about turning your egg into a chick? Paint it yellow, or glue coloured tissue paper strips on the egg, stick on a couple of googly eyes and a card beak, then make it stand up with a pair of cardboard feet!

Fun Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Pom Poms

Pom poms are a cool and colourful accessory for beach bags, cushions, jewellery and hats. They also make cute fluffy chicks when using yellow yarn and googly eyes and, although they may take a bit of time, they are super satisfying to finish - perfect if your child wants to master something a little trickier.

1. If you don’t have a pom pom maker, make your frames by cutting out two circles of cardboard. Cut out a smaller circle in the middle of your cardboard, followed by a wedge. Your pieces of cardboard should look like keyholes.

2. Sandwich a piece of yarn between the two frames, leaving the ends trailing – you’ll use this to cinch the pom pom off the frames when it’s finished. Try using rainbow yarn for really colourful pom poms – and start winding the yarn around the frame. There’s no right or wrong way to wind, just keep going until it’s thick and even all over.

3. When you’re done, cut through the yarn between your two frames all the way around.

4. Carefully pull the two trailing ends you sandwiched between the frames and tie them loosely.

5. Work the wool through the keyhole shape of the frame and once it’s clear of the cardboard, tie it tight.

6. Trim any long ends from your pom pom, and you’re done!

stone painting spring crafts

Rock Art

A really cool craft project to get the kids outside is to create rock art!


1. Collect some smooth pebbles or rocks from your garden, local park, beach or river, and give them a good scrub.

2. Customise and decorate! You could paint dots into geometric designs, stick googly eyes above toothy mouths to make cute monsters, or go back to nature and paint them as ladybirds, cacti, or owls. Alternatively, you could write favourite sayings on them, your own name, or little letters of love.


Have a look around the internet for design ideas – there are so many effective ways to create really cool, clever and relatively simple rock art.

Egg Carton Flowers

Perfect for keeping the kids entertained and recycling your old egg boxes, children will love being able to show off their individual creativity as they create gorgeous flowers.

1. Have an adult cut out 4 sections of the egg carton to create the petal shape. Try and keep them as round as possible.

2. Let your kids paint their egg box. Use bright colours or add a touch of white to create springtime pastel tones.

3. Once the flower is dry, attach a sturdy straw to the back with some tape or glue.

4. Stick a coloured pom-pom to the middle of your box for the centre of the flower.

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