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Essential Shopping List for your New Puppy

What could be more exciting than going to pick up the newest, fluffiest member of your family?! To help your puppy settle in quickly and effortlessly, it always helps to be organised and have everything they need before you even think about collecting them. No matter their breed or size, here are the essentials that any new puppy needs to feel safe and happy in their new home.

Food & Water Bowls

Your new puppy will be full of energy and excitement, so you want to get separate food and water bowls that are non-slip. There are a few options you can choose from, including plastic, ceramic and stainless steel, and all have their pros and cons. We’d recommend choosing a stainless steel bowl for your puppy, as they are easy to clean, can’t be used as a toy, and will last you for years. Plastic bowls are cheaper but are easily chewed, whilst ceramic bowls can be breakable around your new bundle of energy! Your puppy’s nutritional needs will be very specific, so make sure you choose a complete food that is suitable for their size and breed.

Collar & Lead

Be prepared to replace collars fairly regularly, as your puppy will soon outgrow them as the months pass. You’ll need to make sure it’s tight, but with enough room to fit two fingers underneath it. The lead should be relatively short (about 4ft), at least until you have passed obedience training, when you can progress to a longer one.

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Bedding & Crate

A crate is an essential for training your new pup. It should be at your home before your puppy arrives so they can get used to it immediately. It will provide comfort and a safe refuge for when they’re feeling overwhelmed, and reduces stress when travelling. It needs to be big enough that your pup can turn around and change positions without hitting the sides. Their bed should also be soft and warm, as this will provide them with comfort and somewhere to relax.


Whilst you can take your puppy to a professional groomers as needed, you’ll want to keep some basics at home to keep their coat clean and healthy between visits. The amount you’ll need to groom your pup will depend on the breed. Long haired breeds may need brushing every day, yet some short haired coats won’t need any brushing at all. A brush and some dog shampoo should be all you need to get you started, although you can supplement this with nail scissors, conditioner and ear cleaning products if needed.

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