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Essential Shopping List for your New Kitten

So you’re welcoming a fluffy new addition to your family! For a small kitten, moving into a new home is a significant change that can leave them disoriented and confused. Organisation and preparation are vital in making the transition as smooth as possible, leaving you with more time and energy to bond with your new ball of fluff!

Food & Water Bowl

It goes without saying that before your kitten arrives, they should have their own food and water ready. It lets them know immediately that this is their new home to rest and feel safe. Make sure you pick up the same food they were fed before you picked them up, and continue using it for at least a couple of weeks. A few kitten treats won’t do any harm either!

Kitten new ECI

Litter Tray

It’s essential your new kitten immediately knows where the litter tray is in the new house. This prevents nasty accidents on your carpets and is less stressful for your cat - it’s their natural instinct to defecate away from where they sleep and bury it, but they don’t need training as such to use the tray, if you introduce it to them, they will use it.


Playing with toys is one of the best ways to bond with your new kitten. Play is a crucial part of learning for kittens - they can play with their brothers and sisters for what seems like hours on end! As well as honing their instincts, playtime helps them release energy and reduces stress and boredom.

Adjustable Collar

Cats are notorious for heading out with a brand new collar and returning minutes later without one! Getting your kitten used to one early in life will prevent incidents like this in the future, which will ultimately keep them safe if they get lost. An adjustable collar is best, allowing them to grow into and get comfortable with it from an early age.

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