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Puppies Dog Bed Buying Guide

Guide to Buying Dog Bedding

We all want our dogs to be comfortable and warm, and buying the right dog bed is important to their well being and comfort. It’s somewhere for them to feel safe, giving them their own place in the home. Good dog beds also protect your dog from any draughts, as well as cold, hard floors. They need to balance practicality and comfort, so here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right bed for your four legged friend.


Fleecy fabrics will be soft and warm for your dog, perfect for smaller breeds or those with short coats. Large dogs with long hair may get too warm with these beds, so cushioned mat or leather bed may be a more comfortable option for them. These are also easier to clean, and won’t get damp and wet after a long walk - which means no wet dog smells! You may want to keep fleecy beds for the colder months. 

Sleeping Dog Bed Buying Guide


Soft cushioned beds with sides to them are also known as ‘nest beds’, and are ideal for small to medium dogs that like to curl up. Larger dogs may prefer pads or mattress style beds that allow them to comfortably spread out. These mattress style beds are also great for any size dog during the summer months, as they let the air circulate around them, helping to keep them cool.

dog sleeping in bed

Support and Cushioning

Soft cushioning is lovely for dogs of all sizes, especially if they otherwise have to sleep on a cold floor. Larger and older dogs may benefit from memory foam mattresses, which will support their joints and give them an extra level of comfort. A good cushioning is important if your dog is on a hard floor, as it provides support as well as extra warmth. For very large breeds, such as Newfoundlands, beds that are slightly raised off the floor can prevent them overheating, allowing the air to circulate around them when sleeping.

Caring for your Dog Bedding

Fabric beds may have a detachable outer layer that can be put in the washing machine to keep clean. If they don’t, then a dog blanket is a good way to protect the bed from muddy paw prints and stains. Simply wash when needed and replace with a clean one. Leather and plastic beds are much easier to keep clean, and should only need a wipe over when they get dirty.

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