Keep Cool in Your Garden During Summer
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Keep Cool in Your Garden During Summer

As the hot weather rolls around, most of us want to spend as much time outside as possible. Long, casual afternoons sunbathing in the garden with friends or family can create some of the best weekends of the year. But despite how beautiful the sunshine and the warmth is, sometimes the heat can get a bit too stifling. You might consider nipping indoors for the rest of the afternoon, but if you don’t want to miss out on the precious hours of sunlight, here are some tips to help you keep cool while still outside.

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Swinging Hammocks or Seats

If you find yourself fighting with yourself over whether to stay in the sun or cool off in some shade, then a hammock or swingseat could be the perfect choice! Allowing you to sit out in the gorgeous sun and still get your tan, by swinging in a hammock or seat you can create your own personal breeze. With fresh air rushing past you, you’ll feel cooled off in no time. If you opt for one of these, however, make sure you keep the sun cream lathered on and still pop in for break every few hours, just to really take care of yourself.

Summerhouses & Gazebos

If you have a flair for the dramatic, a luxurious summerhouse or fancy gazebo might be the way to go! If you have a larger garden, these permanent and semi-permanent structures will undoubtedly let you create a little spot of solitary relaxation away from the harsh sun. You can personalise the insides and really add your own flavour, so you can read, eat, drink, and chill in peace.

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Parasols & Awnings

If you have a set of patio furniture, your table might have a hole in the middle for a parasol. Keeping this up and open in the summer afternoons provides a perfect spot for sitting in the shade, and the table is a great place to keep drinks and snacks to keep you fed and watered throughout the day. Don’t have a patio table or a spot for a parasol? You could install an awning onto the wall of your house, bringing a truly charming vibe reminiscent of seaside shops and cafes.

Swimming Pool

Whether you opt for a small paddling pool or a lavish, full-on swimming pool, a dip in the water is sure to cool you down. If you have kids or teenagers, this option is doubly perfect, as it’ll keep them entertained for a whole afternoon. If your pool is bigger, you could even invite some close friends ’round for a small pool party, chatting as you all cool off and enjoy the sun together.

Cold Drinks & Water

Of course, perhaps the most important thing is ensuring you stay hydrated. Consider keeping a big jug of water or squash with ice on a table, so you can easily top up your drink whenever you need. If you’re having some fun, sunny cocktails with ice to cool yourself off, make sure you also drink some water every now and then to keep your hydration levels up.

For more ideas on making the most of your garden this summer, check out our guides on Summer Patio Ideas and Embracing The Later Nights!

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