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Lighting/ Ambient Lighting

Create Ambient Lighting in your Home

Ambient lighting can transform your home and make it cosy, warm and inviting. Low lighting adds a soft ambience that is difficult to achieve with main ceiling lights, whether you’re relaxing after work or entertaining friends. Low lighting works best when using low voltage or filament bulbs that give off light similar to candlelight - a warm, diffused glow. There are plenty of options you can choose from to bring ambient lighting into your home, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Dimmer Switches

One of the easiest ways to change your lighting is by installing a dimmer switch to your main lights. This way, you can quickly change to a softer glow when you want, yet still bring light to the whole of the room. Dimmer switches vary in price and can be a simple physical switch for one light or linked to a smart lighting app to set the brightness and timers for every light in your home.


Ambient Lighting ECI

Corner Lamps

Lamps placed in the corners of the room will make your space appear bigger and can replace main ceiling lighting during the evenings. Both table and floor lamps work well and softly brighten up dark corners of the room, as well as add warmth to dark furniture. Corner lamps are also incredibly versatile and can be easily moved to a different spot if needed.

Ambient Lighting Square One

String lights

Using LED string lights over a mirror or a fireplace adds a magical touch to any room and instantly transforms your space. They are great value, cost very little to run, and can be put almost anywhere in your home. Choose warm white lights for a particularly ambient look! 


Lamp Shades & Light Bulbs

Even changing your lamp shades or light bulbs can have an effect on the ambience of a room. Choosing fabric lampshades that hide the light bulb is the best option for creating that soft, romantic look. Lighter fabrics are better for ambient lighting, as they diffuse the glow around a room much more than darker fabrics. Dark colours focus the light and create a harsher contrast. In addition to this, choosing a low wattage light bulb (less than 40W) will provide a softer glow than more powerful bulbs.


Try combining a few of these tips to find the lighting option that works best for you. A dimmer switch with floor lamps might be the best option for large rooms, whilst fairy lights and a couple of table lamps can work wonders in a small space. Shop our full lighting collection for more inspiration.


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