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Packing Your Suitcase Tips

Tips for Packing your Suitcase

Let’s face it - packing isn’t everyone’s favourite part of the holiday. Whether heading off for a three-week adventure or a weekend city break, packing efficiently is key to a stress-free holiday. The last thing you want to do is leave it all to the last minute, throwing in clothes you won’t wear and forgetting important essentials. Good packing skills also means you’ll have more time to enjoy your travels, instead of trying to sort through a disorganised suitcase!

Plan outfits before you go

Organise your outfits before you leave. Create multiple outfits using a few key pieces, giving you flexible options for when you’re away. Take a capsule collection of neutral pieces that can be easily thrown together, reducing how many items of clothing you’ll need to pack. This is also a great way to prepare for difficult or unpredictable weather without taking your entire wardrobe!

Packing Clothing in Suitacase

Pack Smart

When it comes to packing your suitcase, put difficult items such as shoes, hair dryers and bags at the bottom. Lay them around the edge of the case if you can. You can then begin to layer and stack your clothes around these more bulky items. If your shoes are dirty, wrap them in a shower cap or plastic bags.

Go Travel Size

Buy travel-sized toiletries and cosmetics where you can. It’s incredible the amount of space this can save you! Items such as shower gels, hair care products and toothpastes can easily be found in mini versions. If you are loyal to the toiletries you use, buy travel-sized bottles and decant your products into these.

suitcase packing guide tips

Roll Don’t Fold

One of the oldest packing tips in the book is to roll, rather than fold your clothes. Not only does this prevent creasing, but it can almost double the number of items you can fit in your suitcase. Place heavy items such as jeans and jumpers at the bottom, and stuff socks and underwear around the edges and into any gaps. If you do need to fold some items, such as a shirt, then save these until last and place them carefully on top.

Leave Space for Souvenirs

If you’re likely to buy souvenirs , make sure you have enough space left over to fit them in your suitcase - which means not packing your suitcase to the max on your way out!

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