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Holiday Travel Essentials

With so many rules and regulations about what you can and can’t take on board with you, many people opt to pay for at least one checked bag on flights so you can take all the liquids your like on tour. Whether you’re off on a long weekend city break, a package holiday with the family or a backpacking trip to somewhere exotic, there are some things you shouldn’t leave home without. And here’s our guide to a few essential items you should always travel with whatever your holiday destination.


Take a padlock or two even if you aren’t checking a bag into the aircraft hold. Some cities are renowned for pickpockets, and just a small padlock could be the difference between a good and a bad weekend away. Another clever gadget is a carabiner, once the sole domain of rock climbers, it’s also a cunning way to attach bags to you or to each other for added security. Another great piece of hardware to take on holiday, and not just if you’re camping, is a torch.


Nothing ruins a holiday more than having no means of social-posting, review-reading and photo-taking. Make sure you have at least one adaptor and that it fits the sockets at your destination.

Ear plugs

Bring ear plugs just in case your batteries run out, or you simply want to turn off and tune out for some peace and quiet when you’ve got noisy neighbours on a bus, train, plane or even your home from home. If you prefer headphones, invest in noise cancelling ones for that true cocoon feeling. Bring a sleeping mask for bright lights and a travel pillow, if you find them comfortable. So, travel pillows: some like the U-shaped neck ones, others prefer a regular pillow shape in compact form. You’ll only know from trial and error!

Check in

If you are checking in luggage, experienced travellers advise carrying a spare set of underwear (and clothes if you’re travelling to a difference climate) just in case your luggage arrives a day or two later than you do! Take a set of luggage scale with you especially if you’re off to NYC on a shopping spree to ensure you have no nasty excess baggage surprises at check in.

Carry on

If you are only taking carry on, you’ll want some airport friendly bottles (less than 100ml) for your see-through plastic bag at security. If you’re away for any length of time, visit wholefood/natural/organic shops as they often sell shampoos, lotions etc. from bulk to refill your bottles. If you take a large container with less than 100ml in it, you will have to leave it behind.

Are we there yet?

And in case of delays, cancellations or just long journeys, why not bring some classic games in travel form, playing cards, books and magazines. And some nibbles of course…

So, all that’s left to say now is Bon Voyage! And if you need some packing tips, we’ve got you covered.



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