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Vacuum EB 2

Vacuum Cleaner Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re after something new because your old vacuum has packed in, you fancy investing in something fancier, or you’re looking for the most effective model for your spring clean, here at The Range we have a variety of vacuum cleaners to help you get the results you’re after.

But what vacuum is right for you and your home? How can you get the best results with minimum effort? Take a look at our break down of vacuum cleaners and decide for yourself!

Upright Vacuums

These are by far the most popular type and are well-suited to homes with plenty of carpets, plus they’re easy to store since they stand on their own. Upright vacuums are characterised by its long body, stopping you from having to constantly bend down to use it. Often coming with a hose and various attachments for versatile cleaning options, they’re available both corded and cordless to suit your home.

Upright vacuums are generally easy to manoeuvre and can be carried up and down stairs. They typically have a large capacity bin too, making it the perfect vacuum for families.

Stick Vacuums

Similar to the upright but with a much slimmer and lighter frame, these vacuums take up less storage space than the traditional upright and are a breeze to use. Perfect for hard floors, stick vacuums don’t pick up dust and dirt as deeply from thick carpets as the upright, so they’re best suited to thin carpets.

If you have several floors in your home, this kind of vacuum is incredibly convenient as it’ll be easier to carry and move for longer periods than the upright. These vacuums are usually cordless and rechargeable for your convenience, but corded versions are available too.

Vacuum ECI

Handheld Vacuums

Compact, super lightweight, and the easiest to carry, these mini models of vacuum are perfect for surfaces, upholstery, stairs, and in the car. Though they lack the power and capacity of other models, they’re ideal for quick clean-ups so you don’t need to fuss around with cords and heavy machines.

Cylinder Vacuums

These vacuums are recognisable thanks to their separate cylindrical body and long hose. The split design makes it versatile for vacuuming hard to reach areas of the home such as under furniture or even up high for brushing away cobwebs!

Great for carrying up and down stairs, cylinder vacuums portable option and are usually smaller in size than the traditional upright. They have great suction so cleaning is simple and easy and the compact bin stores more than first appears and are effective on both hard floors and carpets, though they may be more difficult to use on thicker carpets due to the larger wheels that don’t move 360 degrees.

Vacuum PIS

Carpet Sweepers

Though not technically a vacuum, carpet sweepers are a great choice for keeping your carpet clean between vacuums. Great For picking up small and large debris alike, they can be pushed over any areas that need tidying and can be used under furniture.

Ideal for single households or couples that don’t produce a lot of mess, these non-motorised cleaners can be stored easily and are a great no-fuss option for cleaning.

If you still can't decide which vacuum is right for you, why not check out our full collection to see all your options in one convenient place and easily compare models.

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