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Essential Products for Washing Up

Washing up is often amongst our least favourite chores, but by making sure you have all the items you need; you can make light work of cleaning your dirty dishes. We’ve compiled a list of our washing up essentials to help you get your dishes sparkling clean in no time.


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Washing Up Liquid

The most crucial component to washing up is, of course, the washing up liquid. With an array of scents to choose from, you can have your dishes sparkling clean and smelling fresh. For particularly tough cleaning power, we recommend the Fairy Max Power Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid. Let’s not forget that the best part of washing up is the bubbles!


The next key item is the sponge. Most people opt for a sponge scourer as this acts as a two in one product for both gentle cleaning and a tougher scrub. The Scrub Mommy has soared in popularity for this very reason. This super-absorbent sponge has a non-scratch scrubber which softens in warm water or stays tough in cool water, helping you to remove unwanted dirt with ease.

Dish Drying

For drying your dishes, you’ll need some tea towels. With a variety of designs available, these actually become part of the kitchen décor, too! An easier option is also to use a dish draining rack to let your clean dishes air dry. If you’ve got a lot of pots and pans, a dish drying mat is also great to pop on the worktop for an additional drying surface.

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Washing Up Bowl

A washing up bowl is ideal for protecting your sink from scratches and stains. It also allows you to easily move the dishes out of the sink if you need to use it! Washing up bowls are handy for a variety of uses, so are a popular addition to many kitchens.

Optional Extras

For particularly stubborn stains, you can use this Fairy Platinum Power Spray. Ideal for scrubbing pots and pans, this spray makes cleaning easier, while leaving behind a fresh citrus scent.

For those of you who shy away from dirty dishwater, rubber gloves are perfect. They protect your hands and keep them dry while tackling those grubby dishes. Another favourable item, for this reason, is the Dishmatic. It makes light of washing up while limiting hands-on contact to mucky plates!

Lastly, you need somewhere to store these dishwashing products and let them dry out before their next use. We recommend a washing up caddy to store your favourite items and keep your kitchen looking tidy and organised at the same time!


Now you’ve got all the essentials sorted, you’re ready to tackle your dishes with ease! For some more helpful advice, feel free to peruse our Guide to Doing Dishes.

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